Paypal Express payment issues

I have been setting up an enterprise (organic meat buying club) to use as a fundraiser for OFN-Canada. All is going well. We have tested orders using interac payment - all is well. But I’m struggling with the Paypal Express payment. I’ve followed the instructions for the API Signature exactly - several times now. I’ve changed from development to production environments and back and forth. I’ve tried from super admin and from the enterprise manager logins. I keep getting the error message: Paypal failed: Security header not valid. Anyone else with this problem?

@serenity, @sstead, @NickWeir, @MyriamBoure, @CynthiaReynolds, @Olivier have any of you come across this issue? Able to help @tschumilas figure out how to fix this?

I think we fixed this this morning :slight_smile:
You must type ‘live’ in the Server: field when setting up a paypal payment method. If Sandbox is in that field (which is the default) it won’t work.
I’ve tried to make this more clear in user guide.

we are not using the OFN Paypal facility - instead we are invoicing through Quickbooks then taking paypal payments on those