Partnership with Unicenta to offer full and powerful POS to our users worldwide

Continuing discussion from: Enable hubs to use record retail (onsite) sales alongside with their OFN online sales [POS]

I had a call with Jack from Unicenta.
Unicenta is a full open source POS used by lots of people worldwide:
Jack started it when Open Bravo decided to “close” their code.
His model is that he releases open source two versions behind the current one, so the persons paying a subscription for Unicenta get the latest version, but still the project remains open source.

Unicenta has developped a web service that enable synchronization of data in both direction with other systems.
In our model we could have something like:

  • we work on the integration of the web service (our end point + undertand Unicenta end point and match)
  • we can propose our users if they want to use a powerful POS that will be compliant with regulations in Germany, France, etc. to contract with Unicenta and they will be able to synchronize their products/stock with OFN for their online sales.

The price for the use of the web service by a user is to be defined, but they could pay some “package” like for instance: 10 or 20€ per month for instance you get email support (answer in 48h) + 100000 digital packets transfer (synch in one direction or the other). This would fit for instance for a shop who has 50 onsite sales + 50 online sales per day.

Of course another option would be to use Unicenta but offer ourselves the service in the OFN offer, so the users will pay us and we would have a contract with Unicenta and pay ourselves Unicenta. So we would deal with support, etc. But can receive ourselves support from Unicenta.

Given Jack even with our order cycle and quite complex model he seems to have done more complex integration so he was not afraid about the doability of this and could support us in that.

Please find under that link the notes from our discussion. You can comment here or directly in the document in suggesting mode.

Jack opened up an account to enable us to download the latest version if we want to deploy it and have some play with it to see if we think it’s good (login is in the document, ask me for password). I can ask 2 or 3 users in France to test to see if that would fit their need. If one of the devs want to do that I think it would be great, at least would be good to do it when we decide to prioritize the POS feature later this year. Unfortunately there is no Saas access.

Ping @oeoeaio @enricostn

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One last comment from Jack “The uniCenta oPOS installation is really quite fast and configuration not complicated at all. I’m prepared to invest some time and kick-start things if one of your dev’s is. Just give me access to a machine via Teamviewer.”


Interested in the development of this. FYI @MyriamBoure I am currently experimenting with Odoo’s point of sale app. We need a short-term solution for the food hub and Odoo looks like it will do what we need: Integrates with scales, barcode scanners, iPads etc., easy to develop our own modules for things like importing subscription orders. Haven’t though about integrations at the API level yet, but just thought I should let you know.

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@oeoeaio I’m sure @enricostn will be interested in that. Also we are starting to talk in France with a Odoo based cooperative enabling local food hubs with whom we would like to partner more, Odoo might be an interesting way as well, let’s investigate both.

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Yep, from Coopdevs we’re working quite a lot with Odoo. One of the reasons is to provide an ERP to bigger buying groups and producers using OFN. Potentially the POS capability also. Apart from OFN world we’ll offer Odoo as an ERP solution for other coops.

We’re working on tooling right now since the Odoo ecosystem is not exactly brilliant on that side. For instance: and more stuff.

In any case Unicenta can also be a good partner for POS :muscle: