Organic World Congress 2017 - paper submission

The Organic World Congress 2017 is planned to happen in November 2017 in India, and is currently accepting papers for presentation. See this link.
There is a dedicated track for marketing issues. I discussed in brief in our last monthly call and most of them were of the opinion we could go ahead with it.

@MyriamBoure suggested the below tracks would be a fit for proposing the idea of OFN.
Session #1.B | Together for a more organic world
Session #2.A | The global food system and the alternative paradigm

@Others, do go through the link and do comment, on what you think.

The last date for submitting a paper seems to be November 2017.
Would require help in preparing the paper/presentation :slight_smile:

Some text from the website about Why join the Organic World Congress is as below :

Why Join the Organic World Congress?
The Organic World Congress attracts international attention and offers a global platform for exchange. It benefits a number of different organic stakeholders, including the local and global organic movements, farmers, governments, international development agencies, policy-makers, researchers and scientists, and trade.

Benefits for India’s Organic Movement
Biggest sharing of organic farming practices in the world.
Access to the world of organic farming beyond India’s borders.
Opportunity to showcase the best Indian organic farming practices to the world organic farming community.
Benefits for the World Community of Organic Farmers
A world class event, expected to rally a record number of organic farmers
Special emphasis on the participation of organic farmers from Asia, Africa, and South America.
Free stall space to all organic farming associations.
In-depth exposure to organic farming in India.

Benefits for Governments, International Development Agencies, and Policy-Makers
Ready access to global thinking, research and practice on organic farming policies.
Ready access to work being done by governments worldwide to convert agriculture to organic methods.
Identification of areas where governments can start funding changes to strengthen organic agriculture.
Vision planning for converting entire country’s agriculture to organic.
Up-to-date data through IFOAM - Organics International on organic farming worldwide, including latest growth data.

Benefits for Researchers and Scientists
Researchers will have opportunities to share their work on organic agriculture and access instant peer review of papers.
Discussions will provide new thrust areas.
Scientists will attempt to relate organic farming to sustainability and climate change issues. TIPI and ISOFAR will oversee scientific discussions.
Exposure to seed conservation work carried out within official and non-official seed agencies and networks, especially in the area of open pollinated seeds.

Benefits for Organic Trade
The trade fair is being organised to enable large, worldwide participation of all sectors of the organic trade (including government departments) in the pavilions. A huge number of traders and agencies from India will be participating.
One track in the Congress is being dedicated to marketing issues.
B2B meetings will be facilitated.

Hi @sreeharsha and thank you for sharing that opportunity with the community.
If you need help in submiting a paper I can help. I don’t know though if that worth to spend a lot of time on it, I do believe that those kind of big political gatherings sometimes are too much about talking and not so much about doing, so you probably should think about “what benefit can I and the OFN get out of it?” and see if the time investment worth it :slight_smile: But if you decide too submit a paper I will help :slight_smile: Cheers!