ORFC - Oxford Real Farming Conference 2022

Hi All, Niko here from OFN NZ. I am new in this community, just started my internship in digital marketing over here in NZ as said. So, if my request is not appropriate I am sorry but I would like any help to direct me to the right path.
Browsing around other OFN website/FB pages, I have noticed that in early January has been held the ORFC (reported on the topic field) therefore I was wondering if it’s been recorded, if so, is there any chance to get the recorded link?
If not, maybe three days would be too long to follow :), is there any presentation or material about the conference that can be shared? Much appreciated. Niko

Did you try google? :wink:

Also hi and welcome! Great to see you here Niko :slight_smile:

Hi Lynne, I did not try google otherwise I couldn’t have got your reply, sometimes I prefer to interact with people :wink:
Great to virtually meeting you :slight_smile: and thank you for your link, much appreciated.