Order management - round 2 fixes

Continuing the discussion from Order management updates:
Pulling priority actions from Order Management - wishlist:

  • Enterprise user can’t search for previous customers (but super admin can)
  • Limit customer list to customers who have previously purchased through the chosen shop
  • When selecting a customer and this order is for pick up, fill in the shop’s address as the ship address (currently left blank, need to think thought, pick up shipping may not always be from the hub, could be from pick up point).
  • Check that customers are correctly associated with an order when it is created, rather than making a duplicate customer

Testing Notes

  • I can search for previous customers but there is some inconsistency in which ones I can see. Seems I can’t see those who have checked out as a guest. Even though they are in my ‘customer’ list. I shopped in my shop with rob’s staging account (not check out as guest), and it added him to my customer account, and then I could create orders to him. But for rohan and maikel’s (who shopped as guests) I can’t create orders for them. I definitely can’t see all customer who have shopped on OFN, which is good.
    But, also, I created a new customer, by checking out as a logged in user, and they then appeared in my dropdown, but I could not click on them. and when I didn the checkout as guest box was still selected. This email has enterprises attached, could that be it?
  • I also suspect, that if a customer has shopped with me and used ie sally@gmail.com and Sally@gmail.com these save as different customers. Then when I try to create an order for this person the system can’t pull up that person’s address etc.
  • I made an order and selected a ‘pick up’ shipping method, but the ‘Ship Address’ remained the customer’s address.
  • There is no problem with creating duplicate customers, a new order is assigned to the existing cusotmer, can see the new order in the customer’s view of /account along with their previous orders.

@RohanM testing notes above