Open Food Network in Brazil

Hi guys !
Great pleasure !
I’m living in South Africa right now and still connected to a few projects in Brazil.

My story in a nutshell- mechanical engineer working in France with a multinational company,abandoned a “solid” career and started a small business in education with other 7 Brazilians in 2003. It turned out that this small business became one of the largest groups of private universities in the country. I left this way before the IPO though. Also started from scratch and crowd funded another “business” into “alternative” education and now at the top of my evolution I am into “food” :smile:

I am a micro farmer myself growing veggies in a 100 square meter garden at the back of my house. At the same time I travel around the world “teaching” about this next (and needed) revolution, that is food !

I do believe that to change this world for the better the first this is to connect with the food that you eat.

At this time, I am im contact with a few very interested partners to plant a seed of OFN Brazil. So I wonder if there’s any other Brazilians interested.

Wish you all good luck ! Food is THE revolution.

Eduardo Shimahara a.k.a. Shima

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Hi Eduardo,

Please checkout these links:
(more on the following post, discourse is blocking more than 2 links as I’m a new user)

And the software some groups use: (you can use it by just creating a community at


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Ei Braulio. Tudo bem ?
Estava fora do cenario por um tempo terminando uma tese de Mestrado !
To de volta !
Eu conhecia o Cirandas !
Voce acha que tem sinergia com o OFN ?

Oi Eduardo!

Com certeza, os coletivos de consumo estão conectados no brasil pela Rede Brasileira de Grupos de Consumo Responsável (RGCR), que seria o equivalente do OFN Brasil e, ao mesmo tempo, está super conectada com a Economia Solidária que é o foco do Cirandas.

Na verdade, os GCRs são considerados empreendimentos de economia solidária.


Ei Braulio, me passa seu email ?
Começando a engatinhar aqui com a OFN Brazil !
Meu email:

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