One-click upgrades

I just spent all of 20 seconds upgrading our discourse instance, and thought it might be worth a quick note here about this process because it would be utterly awesome if we could make life this easy for OFN instances in the future . .

Logged in as admin I get a little message telling me that upgrades are available. I click on that and it tells me which components can be upgraded. I’ve just done them all so no buttons shown below, but what it did do was give me a button to hit for each one, which I did and voila, version upgraded.

It appears that this is being managed using something called Docker Manager for Humans, an open source project which makes deploying complex containerised apps as easy as ‘drag and drop’ -

Obviously there would be some complexities to this, localisation and language files, and the fact that @maikel tells me our app is not ‘containerised’ . . but might be worth thinking about at some point. I suspect that one click upgrades to our latest releases from admin would make @NickWeir @lin_d_hop @MyriamBoure etc very happy!

@openfoodnetwork, yes, that is cool! But it looks like the upgrade has “released” some old messages… or maybe it’s just some errors, but there are some inconsistent messages that just poped up, answering very old messages!
Apart from that, I obviously like the one-click upgrade concept :slight_smile: Would love to have that for OFN!

Oh! I think I understand, I think it’s all the messages that were sent by replying to the email directly that were stuck! I think it’s better if we answer in the forum than via email, because then it includes all the signatures of the mail in the answer, and the pages become quickly very heavy…

I’m going to be forking your github project and trying to make it work with docker
I’ve not heard of Docker Manager for Humans, but if I have time i’ll see if I can include that also
This is a RnD project for my work and i’ll be doing it for fun in my personal time if it looks possible


@samwa I’d be really interested to hear how you get on. I’ve been doing a lot of work on the ofn-install package using ansible and was thinking that Docker support would be good to explore. Have you thought about generating a Docker image from the ansible scripts? Might be easier than writing a new Docker config that replicates the process?

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Do you have a container for docker? I’m interested from Argentina.
We tried to install OFN and we had a lot of dependency problems

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