OFN Whitelabel Instance in India

Hello All,

Sahaja aharam(www.sahajaaharam.in) a farmer producer organisation in India is looking forward to implement a white label instance of OFN in India. @ramoo who is a key member of the initiative sees a great potential in OFN, and he was involved in a few calls last year with @MyriamBoure too. Sudhir(@kothagunda) is also involved currently in this pilot and we would like to get going at the earliest.
Sahaja aharam currently works with around 20 farmer cooperatives across various states in India, and would expand further. They have a packaging hub, a distribution hub and around 10 stores across 2 states currently and are looking forward for support for digitalising their supply chain end to end. They also are looking to expand to consumer hubs which would directly interact with either distribution hub directly or the stores based on requirement of quantity and logistic effort.
They wanted to test out quickly how OFN would suit their requirements and how easy is it to manage various regular tasks from Inventory management , Traceability to Order Mgmnt. Some of the key requirements are ease of usage and able to be use it from mobile. @ramoo and @kothagunda would be jotting down more requirements in the coming days, but currently to get the pilot started, wanted some help from any of the developers in setting up a quick test instance, so that we can allow the team try out various features. The current India OFN instance is a little outdated too, so looking for help updating the codebase too. Once we get some traction I can pool in some local resources and take over. We are looking to get a basic instance up this weekend itself. They already have some server space, or if we think digitalocean or AWS would be best, we can choose that too. Another option is to point to an existing unused server where we could use it to build their logic and customisation.
Anyone can pitch in sometime to get this going ?

@NickWeir @MyriamBoure @Kirsten @lin_d_hop @oeoeaio @stveep @enricostn any suggestions ?


Hi @sreeharsha @ramoo @kothagunda - great to hear things are happening in India! I suspect you maybe best to have a go and then post / ask specific questions, as not sure how much capacity people have especially by this weekend! There are a couple of people looking at deployments over the next few weeks though, so perhaps you can at least all be in contact. Either here or perhaps in the Deployment slack channel. Harsha if Ramoo and Kothagunda aren’t on Slack could you send me their emails and I will invite them? ping. @enricostn @orangeman


@sreeharsha @ramoo @kothagunda if you want to test by the week-end, isn’t it an option to test on another staging instance on which you could even, if needs be, have admin rights ? @Kirsten is there any possibility for them to test in Aus staging by the week-end? Just wondering… else if it’s juste create entreprise and test features, maybe @NickWeir can help and give you some manager rights on an invisible test enterprise that you can play with ? I would have been happy to give you access to the French staging but it’s in French :frowning:

@sreeharsha is already a manager of https://openfoodnetwork.org.uk/ofn-uk-test-hub/shop
I am happy to set up others if they give me their email addresses

have invited all to Slack - go to the deployment channel where there are others also working on this. And yes happy to give aus staging access if that helps

@openfoodnetwork would be great if we can have access to Aussie Staging. In parallel we will try to build up a local instance, but until that time I can ask @kothagunda and @ramoo to test using the staging. As Sahaja Aharam’s requirement is an end to end system, we would be creating a few demo hubs and play around with inventory etc to understand how it would fit the requirements.

@NickWeir Sahaja Aharam(white label) wants to visualise the whole network, so they would need access to more than a single hub, hence a staging server or a separate server would fit in the purpose well.

hi - to get access to aus staging can you sign up at staging2.openfood.com.au and the email or message me with the emails / users. I am not going to give you full super-admin access, but you will be able to set up up to 100 enterprises each so hopefully that’s plenty . . @sreeharsha @ramoo @kothagunda

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