OFN UK Backlog

UK are using GitHub to manage their own backlogs:

  • Current work is managed here
  • Future work is managed here

The following items have come out of this backlog to be picked up by OFN Australia team for development:

1. Product load speed still too slow on Stroudco shopfront on UK production

Github #713
Status: Refer to the GitHub issue comments trail

2. Orders show VAT figure based on master price (excluding mark-up)

GitHub #773
Status: Pending testing by Nick. Refer to the GitHub issue comments trail

3. Angularising Single Order Index Page

GitHub #435
Status: In backlog, to be picked up in Feb or March.

4. Customer Tagging and discount functionality

Discourse #505
GitHub #406
Status: Discussion held with Sara on requirements and best approach for this. Sally, Rob and Danni continued this discussion in terms of the minimum initial piece of work to be done, and what future development could be. Rob to write up on the Discourse wishlist wiki page his view of this first piece of work by Friday morning for review by Sally and Danni, and to then go out to the wider audience for input. See the Discourse page for further updates on this.

5. UK push_to_staging fails if there is no change

GitHub #779
Status: Discussion occurring between @pmackay and @maikel and @oeoeaio around this. Have asked Rob and Rohan to respond to this on Thursday, so should have a further update by then.

Hi @NickWeir, @Sara, @lin_d_hop :smile:

As we discussed in our last Skype catch up, I’ve created this page for you guys to add requests for work from OFN AU. The 2 items currently in our backlog are listed above with the link to GitHub for each. I’ll be updating the status on these items, and managing any new ones that you add to this page as we pick up and deliver them.

Let’s chat about how we can use this page in our next Skype catch up!

Thanks Danni. At our skype last week we agreed that we would ask @oeoeaio to look at this VAT issue

Also I think that @stveep needed some input from the Aus team but I cant remember what that was…

Thanks for all your support - it is very much appreciated.

From: Paul Mackay [mailto:notifications@github.com]
Sent: 17 January 2016 10:12
To: openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork
Subject: [openfoodnetwork] UK push_to_staging fails if there is no change (#779)

I ran this build https://buildkite.com/open-food-foundation/uk-deployment/builds/44#84fb34df-0dbf-465a-a1c9-de50f6948824 and it fails saying everything is uptodate. However using the UK deployment project the staging step needs to complete before the deploy to production stp can be unlocked.
@RohanM @mkllnk any ideas? I need to push to production to move #404 along.

From: Paul Mackay [mailto:pauljmackay@gmail.com]
Sent: 20 January 2016 10:35
To: nick@nickweir.co.uk
Subject: Re: Please can you help?

I’ve looked quickly at 758 but no solution as need to dig into code more.

Have been trying to deploy to staging and then production to see if helps with 760 but production failed earlier so I raised https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/issues/785 which might need Aus input. just to compare memory status.

Have renewed the domains.

Paul Mackay

Thanks Paul
I will check with Danni to see if the Aussies can help with this

Hi @danielle,
On the Skype today the Customer Tagging and Discount Functionality was mentioned along with the Wholesale functionality that @Sara needs for Tamar.

In the past customer tagging has been talked about in this way including wholesale functionality ie a customer might be a volunteer and get a volunteer discount, a member and get member rates, or be wholesale and get wholesale rates. The difference in functionality would be that for wholesale customers they would need to have different products appear in the shopfront. This would mean that variants might also have a tag associated with them and that users would see a different products in the shopfront depending on their tag.

I wonder if it would make sense to include these pieces of work together? Basically Tamar has budget for the wholesale work and OFN UK has budget for the tagging work so would it make sense for these pieces of work to be looked at in February as a single piece? It is also something that I’m sure people in Australia and internationally want so would it be something that the Aus team could prioritise in Feb?

Feels like all of the following could be covered by this and with the two budgets we have available we might be able to fund it all?

@NickWeir @oeoeaio @Sara @danielle

Hi @lin_d_hop @Sara @NickWeir

I 100% agree with your thinking on how we handle the development of wholesale and tagging. It makes complete sense to combine these two things and have the AU team work on them in February, firstly because the two are so intertwined, and secondly because the AU dev team can hit the ground running with no learning curve on the code base. Was speaking to @oeoeaio about this very thing this morning and we both felt it was something the AU team would be able to do.

The only other UK things we have on the Feb backlog at this stage is the data migration that still needs to be scoped ([discussion around the migration requirement is here] (Bulk import of products)). Is this still something that you guys require the AU dev team to scope out and is it a priority for Feb? If yes, then I’ll add it to this wiki page as an item. If not, then that leaves us free to work on the wholesale/tagging piece instead (ie. scoping it out with you guys and then developing it).

Let us know how you’d like to proceed :smiley:

I think that @Aidan has got migration in hand for Stroudco - see notes here - so I am happy for the generic migration tool to be a lower priority

Thanks @nick, that helps a lot in determining a plan of attack. Cheers!

Hi @danielle, is this replacing the use of the ofn review tag on github issues?

@pmackay the only answer I can give at this stage is “I don’t think so”. Which isn’t much help, I know :frowning:

Reason: I’m not across how github tagging/labels are being used, and I’ve got an action on me from the last global hangout session to review the labels and write up how to use them. So I’ll be doing that over the next couple of weeks, which will give me a better understanding of how this page will work alongside of GH and labels and will try not to duplicate effort across both tools.

Closed item:

###3. Errno::ENOMEM: Cannot allocate memory - touch
GitHub #785
Status: Just raised by @pmackay, waiting on @maikel to respond. AU team will input as required as part of support for UK go live.

Hi Danni - we are happy to test Rob’s work on VAT but please can you let us know where to test (aus staging 2, UK staging?) thanks Nick

Hi @NickWeir,

UK staging is our responsibility. If you’d like to test something then you need to ask myself or Paul to deploy to UK staging for the specific bug you are looking to test. Best to give an idea of when you are planning to test as we often have to deploy to test other things. Then we can ensure that the changes are on UK staging for your testing.


OK sorry all!
@pmackay please can you deploy Rob’s vat fix to UK staging whenever is convenient and let me know when it is ready. thanks Nick