OFN success stories to share/case studies for communications and marketing

Hi all, I’m doing some work for a particular project for OFN Aus (https://openfoodnetwork.org/au/learn/) which crosses over into some general communications thinking for OFN Aus, and it would be great to have a place where people could share stories of OFN successes.

I feel like I’ve come across some asides in conversations which point to some great stories of how OFN is being used, but it would be great if on an ongoing basis people could share things that would be useful for communicating/marketing OFN’s value, such as:

  • great testimonials from happy OFN users
  • mentions of OFN in media that others can then share
  • links to case studies being written up by others for OFN sites/marketing/social media
  • successful language - have you described OFN to someone in a way that really resonated, or found a good way to convince people of value of OFN, etc?

Hi Jen

There are some UK success stories here

There is a testimonial here (we haven’t yet got permission to publish the photo but the testimonial can go out)

We are about to host a webinar with the UK Sustainable Food Cities Network which anyone is welcome to join. Details and registration here

Here are some of the links we use to promote OFN in the UK:
o Summary of OFN services
o The ethics and background of OFN
o The economic and environmental benefits of OFN
o How OFN is being rolled out in the UK including details of our not-for-profit nature and how we cover the costs of OFN services as a platform cooperative
o The OFN UK map showing producers and hubs who are set up already
o If you want to set yourself up on the Network (and get on the map!) [here is the link to register](http://here is the link to register). There is no cost to registering as a producer on OFN
o Sign up here for monthly updates on the Open Food Network

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We have now updated the testimonail with a photo of Hugh FW which we have permission to use. So feel free to use the new photo and text here

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