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This is something that @serenity can organise for you @CynthiaReynolds, she’d made the decision to hold off on invoicing as it was such a small amount, and wait till a bigger piece of work came through so that the fee to do an international transfer didn’t hurt as much. But I’ll leave her to decide whether to now invoice you guys, given it’s been a while and you haven’t needed any further work done.

Cheers :smiley:


Hi! Thanks for the feedback, will keep this as our spot for tracking our needs with you guys for the Scandinavian solution.
I started the discussion about Multilingual instances a few weeks ago and look forward to seeing how it develops.
Will start one on Currency, although I think that will take care of itself once we upgrade to the latest Spree release.

Lots happening in both Norway and Sweden, with funding applications going out this month. Hoping that we can get what we need to push forward.


With the new voting and global priorization process we are implementing those instance backlog are outdated. I’m archiving them, and we are deleting the sub category “curated backlog”.

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