OFN Research Coordination meeting?

I’ve been loosely monitoring the research posts - the thing is, they each have a different foci - so based on the brief posts, I couldn’t figure out what kind of ‘coordination’ (if any) would be useful. But now I wonder - what if we planned an on-line research Zoom call? It would be for various researchers to ‘meet’ and network. We could discuss if there is any kind of ‘coordination’ that would be useful. Maybe around mid February or something?

I think it would be great if as the OFN community we were also pulling together ideas for research that we would like. Instead of being at the whim of researcher requests we could be a little proactive.

For example in the UK we are collecting a lot of Group Coaching recordings in which food enterprises are talking about their challenges, needs, sharing ideas with each other. I can imagine analysing these recordings to better understand the sector would make a great research piece. My plan was to reach out to universities eventually :slight_smile:

Maybe the first task for an OFN research group (if one evolves) would be just this - to draw together, across instances, questions OFN has. In my experience, academics working in a community engaged ethic (and there are many) would welcome our questions.