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In the recent meeting with Oikos (OFN Portugal, smartfarmer project needs, and potential contribution), we have discussed whether we will have a Portuguese OFN instance or if we will start by joining Katuma.

The decision seems to go in the direction of starting with Katuma to save in terms of resources for creating/mantaining an instance but at the same time leaving that option open if things don’t go as needed in katuma. Possible reasons to go for a Portuguese instance in the near future are scale (PT load could be too much for katuma) and config (possible incompatibility in terms of general config for the two different countries, for example, taxes). This is a great opportunity to test the approach discussed wihtin the community called “single intance” where we have one instance serving several countries. Its main objective is exactly what we want to achieve here: drastically reduce the time and cost of starting/migrating food projects to ofn in countries whithout a dedicated ofn instance.

To get smartfarmer projects running on katuma we would like to change the about page in the portuguese version of katuma to point to a landing page to be created describing openfoodnetwork.pt and having openfoodnetwork.org.pt redirecting to it. Questions were raised about how oikos and smartfarmer can/should be mentioned in this landing page and how, or if it should/must be omitted. This is a topic people from other ofn instances can comment.

We can use this thread to discuss this topic (let me.know if you think this post should be somewhere else)

Thanks Luis. I’m João Fernandes, Executive Director of Oikos and co-founder of SmartFarmer.
We would like to have relevant comments from OFN community, especially from Katuma promoters in order to achieve a common agreement.

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Hi guys!

I totally share your opinion that a Catalan-Spanish-Portuguese (sorry, I can’t help it…) would the perfect case for a pilot of a single instance.\

Single instance

drastically reduce the time and cost of starting/migrating food projects to ofn in countries whithout a dedicated ofn instance.

That is exactly what was exposed to Katuma’s last general assembly by the promoting team (that is how we call the people pushing the project forward on a daily basis). The local community totally shares this opinion and will gladly help other regions scale up their agroecology. The agreement was to “provide service to Portugal without them being members of the Katuma coop in this initial stage where they start using the platform”. Attendees understood that the maintenance cost will be negligible now and the benefit of having Portugal in the network is much bigger. So guys, it’s really up to you.

In the meantime, we will get legal counseling on how a Catalan cooperative (there’s a catalan coop law) could have foreign members. We’ll keep you posted.

For me, the way to go would be to try things out adding Portugues tax categories and such and then see what things need to be solved. This might require additional resource though.


I understand that the load could be a concern but in the case we face the problem, it’d like to give the joint instance a chance and try to overcome it together. Sooner or later Katuma itself will face it too and that will require a solution as well. In any case, replacing the production for a larger one is something that we have planned for this quarter. So, load shouldn’t be a problem in the near future.

About page

Regarding the about page, that’s fine. You can create your own and link it to app.katuma.org as we do now. That is, two different marketing sites pointing to the same app. When that happens we can remove the Portuguese translation from Katuma’s landing.

In terms of implementation, I recommend you build a static website like ours https://github.com/coopdevs/katuma-landing-page. It’s easy to change and free to host when using Github or GitLab Pages, while being 100% flexible to have any content you like.

I hope this fits your needs.

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I guess it is also the concern of linking the other way, where should the ‘About’ link on the OFN platform point. Could there be another intermediate page describing the Catalan-Spanish-Portoguese (CSP) collaboration and that forwards to the local About pages?

That’s right, that is what I first understood he was referring to. That could be done as well in each translation, so each pointing to their own marketing site.

Could there be another intermediate page describing the Catalan-Spanish-Portoguese (CSP) collaboration and that forwards to the local About pages?

I imagine this described within each of the two marketing sites, in a highlighted area, next to the project description.

awesome, thanks for the detailed answer @sauloperez

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I guess one consideration is to make sure all the stakeholders agree with the OFN Pledge. OFN Community Pledge - v1.0 - 1 June 2017
As it stands, only Enrico, on behalf of Katuma signed the pledge I think. So - do all the other people joining with the katuma instance/affiliate - agree with the pledge?

correct @tschumilas
there are different possibilities, Oikos is still in the decision process:
1 - join Katuma - no new server so no need to sign the pledge, just join katuma - Enrico’s signature is representing everyone inside Katuma
2 - setup ofn PT - sign pledge as affiliate
3 - setup ofn as a smartfarmer.pt instance - sign pledge as associate
I initially recommended option 1 but we may be heading to option 2 or even 3

@jjfernandes I reread section 7 of the community pledge and as a affiliate Oikos would need to “enable other values-aligned local actors to take part in the project and take care of that Commons locally”
I think that basically means that if Oikos becomes an associate of OFN in Portugal, ofn.pt should be open to all associations that want to run on ofn.pt and not just smartfarmer projects, for example, the Portuguese AMAPs that are already using katuma.

I reckon maybe we should aim to get some more signing of the pledge to increase strength / understanding / buy-in . . so perhaps signing as Oikos even if using Katuma would be good?

yes, makes sense. We can do that. Although I think option 1 is the least probable right now from what I have heard from @jjfernandes
I think there will be a new affiliate or associate from PT.

Ok, keep us posted @luisramos0. I understand the politics behind option 1 might seem somewhat complex but IMO it’s the best move for everyone.

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