OFN participation in FOSDEM 2019

Hi everyone, as I suggested some days ago I truly think we should participate next year in FOSDEM. For those who don’t know, FOSDEM is the biggest free software conference in Europe. A massive event with the most successful open source communities out there. Some communities even hold their core team meetings a day before or after.

My proposal

As we are also a proud and somewhat successful community, it’d be a great place to tell our story and engage more contributors. This time there is one more reason. We can go meet the brand new OFN Belgium people since the event is being held in Brussels at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

So, my suggestion is to apply for a lighting talk.

Lighting talks are short — 15 minute long — talks on a wide variety of topics. Anyone who has something interesting to say about an open source or free software topic can apply. We particularly encourage topics that do not fit in any of the developer rooms.

the deadline is November the 24th. I can lead this but is there anyone else willing to help/join? I’ll share a proposal for an outline we can discuss on.

Let’s meet!

Besides, I think it’d be a great opportunity to meet again with the folks in Europe cc @MyriamBoure @Rachel @luisramos0 @hugo @Matt-Yorkley. At Coopdevs we plan to book an apartment for coop members & some other dev friends and take the chance to strengthen our relationship with Coop IT Easy and others.


I can help prepare the presentation :+1:

Me too! :metal:

How do you want to go forward Pau?

Happy to be there of course as well ! Let’s talk about it around a drink in Porto :beers:

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Ok then, I think the best is to work on an outline together @Rachel and @luisramos0 in https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hkqXiiWHWywtxDGrQDw_2W300217Zsxm_a7_8_Fa4_4/edit?usp=sharing

My ideas are:

  • Vision of the project
  • The two layers of governance local/global
  • The way we work: single team
  • A bit of tech: multiple instances as infrastructure + tech stack

It’s 15min so we won’t have time for much more.

I applied already for the lighning talk. Let’s see what they say in the coming days. We have enough time to prepare the slides and the presentation itself.

Last week in Porto we spoke about having OFN stickers to help us grab attention and engage people. I hope everyone agrees. We could have a design and everyone order them online on demand for this kind of events. I’d have been awesome to have them when I did my talk on the Hacktoberfest meetup in Barcelona. A sticker on a dev’s computer can help spread the word a great deal!

I started to be worried as I didn’t get any answer but

15 December

  • accepted lightning talks announced

Ok, so we got our proposal approved!

I paste here the relevant parts of their response.

Your talk(s) are scheduled as follows:

| title | room | day | time |
| Open Food Network | H.2215 (Ferrer) | 2019-02-03 | 11:40:00 |

Speaking slots last 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute switchover to the
next speaker.

If you are unable to make this, please let us know as soon as possible!

Also, please now review the details you entered at:
and update them appropriately:

  • The title of the talk alone (without the subtitle) must make it clear what
    the talk is about. A project name alone is insufficient, as many readers
    may not know of it - it needs context. Also try to keep it short.
    The ends of longer titles will get discarded by the process that generates
    the booklet.
  • Make sure you entered your name, nickname (if applicable), up-to-date
    biography and uploaded a photograph.
  • Read your abstract once more, make any corrections, and add links to
    relevant project and source code websites if you didn’t already.
  • If you want to attach an additional speaker to your talk in the system,
    let us know after they have registered an account in their own name with
    their own biography.
  • Slide decks need to be uploaded by about half-an-hour before the start
    of your talk so that people watching the live stream can follow them
    locally if their video resolution leaves slide content indistinct.
    (Our system does not hold back publication, so if you don’t want people
    to see them too far in advance, don’t tick the ‘public’ box until shortly
    before your talk.)
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Awesome! congrats @sauloperez !! :muscle:

In case someone wants to share it, https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/open_food/ is the talk’s page with the abstract.

I’ll be working on those slides I shared long ago these days. Any feedback or participation is more than welcome. You @Rachel and @luisramos0 said you wanted to help. Perhaps you can add notes in the slides with the ideas that you want to share.

Pau, remind me how much time you do have? if you want to plan a rehearsal before we can also do this :slight_smile: otherwise I will share my ideas in the doc

it’s 15min. Please do share and I’m sure we can do a test run the day before in Brussels. My idea is to give a bit more weight to the tech stuff, how it impacts our communities and the challenges we face than to the vision itself, given the profile of the audience.

So, as you may now, the presentation went quite smoothly and few people approached us. Let’s see if we manage to get more contributors soon.

You can find the video of the talk at https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/open_food/. Also, I moved the slides to OFN’s Drive presentations folder.

I also put it up online in our Coopdevs account, so if you want to share the pdf slides you can do so with https://speakerdeck.com/coopdevs/open-food-network-fosdem-2019.

So I think we can close this. Until FOSDEM’s 2020 :tada:!

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