OFN Italia

Hello everybody!
My name is Francesca, I’ll write something about me on “Who we are?” topic as soon as possible while some of you has already known me during lasts Hangout.
Here there are some news about how we’re moving forward to deploy OFN in Italy. First of all, we’re finding the right legal entity to use for the purposes of OFN and then we’ll set it up.

In the meantime:

I will keep you updated on other possible news about OFN Italy!

Thanks @MyriamBoure who is helping us to create Italian community and thanks to OFN!


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Benvenuto @fraschelo, it’s great to have OFN Italia on board :smile: :sunny:

Hello @fraschelo ! Also as you are thinking about funding, here is a google sheet we were using to collate opportunities. Its about a year old now but still might be useful…

@fraschelo in particular see “EU” sheet…