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Hello there!

I’m Roque Vera, co-founder of a small tech business in Paraguay which just started to offer the OFN software as a service. Our vision is to have an integral service: beside offering the platform (software), we’ll offer assistance, courses, workshops, videos and more activities/resources related to the usage of the platform and also related to the adoption of new providers/consumers (like marketing campaigns). All this for the constant growth of the impact of this solution. This impact is particularly important in our country diven that the small-to-medium-sized productive sector, beside of being the sector which actually feed the population, is vulnerable to unfair comercial practices (such as the buying of products from below the cost price), the advancement of the large agro-business model (which actually displace these rural people from their land) and the massive dependency from importation (which puts these people out of competition). We believe that a new model, tool and strategy could change this situation. And that’s what we have with OFN!

Our instance is named Red Ágora and runs at www.redagorapy.com. Our first hub is Mercadito Campesino which is a iniciative run by voluntiers who offer their homes to serve as a shop for farmers.

We are also building a network and we would be pleased to work with you!


Hola @roquegv !

Great to hear from you, it’s funny, someone just pointed on our Slack your website this morning, just before we discover your message here :slight_smile:
Also I remember you wrote us some email in Spring but we didn’t have the chance to talk yet.

Thank you for your kind message anyway, and we are please to know that you choose the OFN to build your project on it in Paraguay! We definitely share the same values and the same vision about the food system we want for our society.

So happy to welcome you in the community ! You can join our Slack here.

I invite you to read this community pledge we have collectively written and that explains a bit more how the community work, the different roles of the community members, etc. It is kind of our “Community Constitution” :wink: Also this discussion on white label use of the software can be relevant for your case.

We’ll be happy to discuss with you then through a hangout maybe, to clarify any misunderstanding, explain you all the advantages of contributing to this beautiful community (in terms of having a say in the evolution of the software, co-funding some features, etc.) and discuss how we can efficiently work together :slight_smile:

@Kirsten @NickWeir feel free to add anything I would have forgotten in that introduction.

Cheers !

Hola @MyriamBoure!

Thanks you, I feel very wellcome!:sunglasses:

That sounds great! I’ll take a took at these posts.

(It seems that I have no credentials to the Slack’s workspace jet :confounded:)


Bienvenido Roque! :slight_smile:

Great to see you doing this work. Your OFN instance looks great already. :thumbsup:

Gracias @maikel!

I appreciate your comment. Actually, we didn’t do too much, we already had a very good base with your code and design :blush: Great and nice work!:muscle:

Keep in touch!

Hello @roquegv
I really love your tutorial feature! It looks well thought out and simplifies the process for new customers, and you have done a great job with videos on social media. Congratulations :slight_smile:

Is there any chance that you would be open to sharing the tutorial code with the community?

Hola @CynthiaReynolds!

It’s very nice to know that! We think that in some cases a “live tutorial” is better than videos and docs. The library we use for this feature is ngOnboarding (https://github.com/adamalbrecht/ngOnboarding). It allows you to show tooltips with a given message, position, sequence and even conditions (like “don’t show the “Next” button if the product quantity is less than 1”). Furthermore, it “remembers” the tutorial state when you navigate through the website, so you can start the tutorial in whatever point you are.

The main code for this feature is in one file: https://gitlab.com/redagorapy/openfoodnetwork/blob/master/app/assets/javascripts/shared/tutorial.js

It works fine in most cases. There are some few problems we didn’t manage to solve because of time :upside_down:, but we will!

Another good feature we planned to include is basically a “Help” button in the top bar to run the tutorial at wharever point the user is.

Hope this help.
Feel free to ask more questions :wink:

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