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Hi all,

Warm greeting to all of you from Jakarta Indonesia.
My Name is Budi Ibrahim.
Me, Roni Maulana , Rachmat Budijanto and Lambok Hutauruk were working for many years for Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission, that established under the Indonesian anti corruption law, and I currently work as executive advisor to the Chairman of SKK Migas, a goverment body who supervise and manage upstream oil and gas in Indonesia. I am also a member of Transparancy International Indonesia. I had doctorate degree from Technische Universität Berlin (Germany) majoring Product Data Exchange using ISO 10303 (STEP/EXPRESS). The transparency model of Openfoodnetwork attracted me since I’m a big fan of transparency and because I see problem in Indonesia that the governance related to food especially impacting whole supply chain of the food from the farmer to the end customer. So we would like to promote the transparency model in Indonesia by establishing OFN Indonesian chapter and we would like to seek help and assistance from all of you senior and founder of Openfoodnetwork.

For the pilot program, we will start with hydroponics market and gradually we will develop other market and make necessary adjustment and develop the platform as needed.

As a startup, we also plan to initiate and involve in Transifex Open Food Network localization project for Indonesian language. We might also contribute trough Github - Open Food Foundation Project to develop some of the feature if needed tailor to Indonesian business situation and regulation.

We already prepare openfoodnetwork.id as the domain name for the OFN local Indonesia and provide the resource needed to establish our presence in the internet and to host and manage the OFN local system.

Best Regards

Budi Ibrahim

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Adding to the posting above we have also in Novi Cahyo and Suhartono as lead development team on board to be OFN Indonesia.



Hi, my name is Suhartono. I have an Information Technology background and before I had worked in several private companies in Indonesia. But now I prefer to be a freelancer. Currently I became a part of global company projects.
I am glad to be a part of team OFN Indonesia. I think will be a great experience to join this community.

Best Regards,

Selamat Datang @har2no, @budi, @Roni ! We welcome you to the community!

I spent some time in Jakarta in 2013, working with CIFOR in Bogor. The work you have been doing sounds so necessary, and I can understand why you would want to focus on food related governance in Indonesia. Such potential to do amazing things in this space and very exciting!

I’m not sure if you have been speaking with anyone, however @MyriamBoure and @NickWeir can help you with any initial questions you may have and to help you understand a little about how we work together as a global community and how you can become an affiliate of the OFN and set up an Indonesian instance.


Ahh, I see from another post from @Roni that you have been in touch with @MyriamBoure and you are well set up with help and advice. Great!

Hi @danielle,

Thank you for welcoming us to the community!
Nice to hear that you were in Indonesia (Bogor).
I live in Jakarta, my brother lives in Bogor.
CIFOR has a great vision and mission.
CIFOR had project to combat forestry crime in cooperation with Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

We have been in contact with @MyriamBoure, who gives us great advices and help to setup our local OFN.

Thank you!

Awesome ! If you need anything else, or have any other question please ask and we’ll do our best to support you :slight_smile:
Cheers !