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I’m really sorry but I haven’t been able to work out how to set up a link. Could you do it please @MyriamBoure? I hope the others can also make it. All rather quiet in this space… Could also set it further ahead of time if no other responses… :slight_smile:


8 am monday is good with me… looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Thanks Lennart but unless we hear from @orangeman it does look like we might need to postpone as we do need him in on this call and either @Kirsten or @MyriamBoure and I think Myriam is still away. By the way, here is the link to set up a hangout https://hangouts.google.com/ or you can set up a hangout as part of creating a calendar event on https://www.google.com/calendar. Let me know @Odi if you would like me to set it up.


I am going to assume that the call is postponed. But if you would like me to join a hangout, please phone +44 1453 840037 and leave a message and I will join as soon as I can. Thanks :slight_smile:


You’re a star @nick, but as you say without @orangeman there’s not much point. Lets try for later in the week or next week. As soon as you can give a sign @orangeman that you’re with us on this, we will make a new date and I will study the hangouts function to send an invite. :+1:


4pm / 8am is often fine for me, depending on the day. This week that would probably be ok on either wednesday or friday.

@Odi - also if you create a calendar invite using a google calendar it automatically puts a hangout link in it, so that’s often the easiest way to get everyone to the right place :slight_smile:


Sorry @Odi I was disconnected for 4 days, yes I can make it this week 8am any day this week, next week I can Wed. Thursday or Friday. Let us know when it is confirmed :slight_smile:


8am any day is fine for me too.


Hello everyone, I’ve set up a call for Friday June the 2nd at 8 am CET and have managed to add @MyriamBoure and @nick but not @Kirsten @orangeman or @rustil as I don’t have your email addresses. Hopefully the experienced ones amongst us can draw the threads together and get us all onto one invite! I hope you can all make it and look forward to meeting again to discuss next steps for OFN Germany. With sunny greetings from a rather dry middle of Europe :slight_smile:


Thanks @odi but I was not able to edit your calendar invite to add a video call so I set up a separate invite for the same time (this Friday 2nd June 8am CET). But as I don’t have email addresses for @rustil or @orangeman I haven’t been able to add them. However I have set up the invite for anyone to edit it, so if they let us know their addresses, anyone can add them.

But the important bit is the hangout link which we will all need to click on to join the meeting on Friday morning. Here it is:

Looking forward to talking then.
Best wishes from a blessedly wet Western Europe!


Thanks so much @nick. I hope I can fully get my head around setting up a ‘hangout’ soon…


Friday 2nd June 8am CET

@nick Thx for setting up!
(I sent you gmail address)


Sorry I made a mistake in setting up the hangout. Here is the correct hangout link:
Please click on this link to join the call at 8am CET


So what became of OFN Germany?


Good question! The short answer is - it is hibernating. For us (Görlitz area) it is a question of timing. We have many threads to draw together and to make an effective and impactful pilot it is important that the bulk of the server is translated and presented in a nutshell to new users so that we can fire it out to interested parties. I think it is very important that the ‘über uns’ links into a new window (it currently transfers directly onto the Australian site) with a summary in German and a vision for the German network. It would be fantastic if you @orangeman could do that as you have the passion for theme and are a native speaker. So it is still translation, translation, translation to get a concise message across. I see it as a ripening process that will bear fruit in good time when all the conditions are right. It is good to have a prod every now and again and for my part I will continue to spread the word and keep the dialogue moving. Liebe Grüße vom Heckenhof, Ody


@Odi do you think something like the UK has for About and Blog would be what you’re after? https://openfoodnetwork.org.uk/ probably will less / more easily maintained content?


@Odi Here is our about link. We are happy to share it if you want to translate it :slight_smile:


I already wrote a little introduction to myself in meta.

The solidbase project I am working for would be a good opportunity to bring the OFN idea forward within europe, as in every little european country someone is developing their own flavor of food hub management system. OFN in contrast as a global approach has the great chance to go viral and to generate mainstream impact.

Although I am actually more interested to bring the economic model of solawi forward (solidarity based budget / price building, long term commitments for food purchase) food hubs (or food coops, as we call them in germany) give an essential contribution for sustaining local production and to keep the supply chain short.
Especially in germany the organic farming movement is threatened by more and more conventionalisation by becoming available in discounters, so we need solutions that can compete and are compatible with main stream lifestyle.
Maybe we can organize translation to German as a first step. Had there been any progress yet? https://www.fairteil.de/ doesn’t really look like. There has been talking in this thread about a testing instance? Is it existing?

Maybe the m4hlab would be a nice setting to get to know to each other, drink some beer and talk about the next steps… Anyone’s coming?


Dear Johannes,
good to hear from you. Unfortunately I can’t go to the event next weekend as this time of year is so busy on the farm and my little one wouldn’t let me get a word in edgeways if I brought her! We run a SoLawi here and it is so inspiring to experience it simply working. I remain convinced that, as an economic model, it has so much potential to offer for other areas of life too. We are also in the very early stages of planning a hub/coop/Treffpunkt for our village and the surrounding area.
The translation process is in Janina’s hands (from the Dorv Zentren project - www.dorv.de). I have passed on two contacts and she will negotiate next steps. I hope the process will move more quickly now. Kirsten did a rough google translate job on openfoodnetwork.de (having also secured the domain name). This is great as a rough blueprint but cannot be used as an active pilot as so much makes little sense in context. The idea with the translator is that all terms correlate and the statements work in context. I only translate from German to English, and therefore wouldn’t be able to do the site justice. I will try to make time soon to write an intro for the German site (Über Uns) but it would be better still if someone like you could write it directly into German with your in-depth knowledge of the scene. I would be happy to Skype or telephone if you want to discuss things further. I would love to see someone emerge who can really hold the strings and move this work forwards (I am very much bound into our project but keep chipping away as it all ties in to our basic principles and vision, but I do feel it needs a German @Nick for it to really go viral)…


Cool! So Janina will contact me by email?

We do a (almost) weekly standup with the solidbase working group on thursday mornings in the matrix, you are invited to join for further discussion: https://riot.allmende.io/#/room/#solidbase:matrix.allmende.io

The translation of the website seems already usable although not totally elegant. Probably it would be a good idea to write the “Über” text collaboratively.