OFN Germany


btw @zwodreivierzwo is the hoster where I rented the VPS. The company (Datanauten) control their own machines (physically), provides excellent support! and is run by people who are into integrity foods themselves.


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

@rustil and I had a good chat the other night and are ready for a community conversation about possibilities for progressing OFN Germany with / alongside the Village Centres project.

How would 9:30am (which is 5:30pm) on Monday 22 May work for you people?

Please respond here if that works and you want to come, and I’ll send a calendar invite which will include hangout link . .


Dear Kirstin,
I’m well up for a co conversation on this. Sadly 5:30pm is about the worst
time for me with getting kids fed and into bed. 8:30pm would be ideal… Is
this at all possible for you?
I could do Tuesday or Thursday too…
Greetings from the finally sunny Oberlausitz,

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5:30 is at this end, 9:30 am for you - is that any better!?


Ah, sorry! Yes, I can make that work. I’m not sure how that would be for @orangeman, on the road from Berlin…?


Hangout tonight (Monday 22 May) at 5:30pm AEST


Dear @Kirsten, @MyriamBoure, @nick and @rustil. It was really good to check in today and great to meet @orangeman later in person here on our farm. We had a long chat and are keen to have a group chat soon as I think Florian is just the man for developing an instance for Germany (potentially two pilots, one here and one in Berlin). His contact is offering two years sponsored hosting to support the set-up process, and Florian has all the know-how with regards software set-up and development. He is very much up for the challenge and to get the ball rolling soon. If we could make a date for our next chat, maybe @MyriamBoure you could bring in the new German Interessees too? I think it will become clear after another chat how far each of us can be involved and to what extent facilitate further networking for German OFN development. :+1:


Hi @rustil, for translating go to transifex.com and create a login account. @maikel will then need to approve you. Then, its plain sailing and very straight forward to use. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Awesome @Odi ! Do you want to propose some date here, or share the link of a framadate to find some common timeslot ? It’s better if you set this up with the timeslots that are possible for you :slight_smile: I invite the new contacts to that conversation then, so they can participate to the next call if they want!


Great work @Odi and everyone involved :grinning:


Not sure how to set up a framedate (could do a doodle?) or to simply say I can do another 9:30am slot this Thurs or Fri. Otherwise, 8:30pm most evenings is good… Next week only evenings. @orangeman said he’s very flexible, so I guess it hinges on @Kirsten and the time zone difference… :soccer:


It was great to meet face2face and connect in person. Eating @lukesmetham bread in berlin and @Odi salad at the heckenhof has been very tasty, energizing and motivating. Thank You!

We talked about setting up a german playground ofn instance @zwodreivierzwo for everyone to experiment, familiarize and germanize. Another ofn instance would be for “serious” real world usage. @lukesmetham and @Odi could point their websites (sub) domains to that (same) server in order to leverage network effects but at the same time have some level of decentralization from the beginning.
What do you think?

happy to join a telephone call and am flexible regarding time…

Looking forward to hearing from you!


This week it will be hard for me @Odi I’m on some family trop from Thursday morning, but maybe you don’t need me :slight_smile: Feel free to move forward this week if you want, else I’m free all evenings next week !


Dear @MyriamBoure, lets wait till next week. There is no big hurry, and I think the ‘end part’ of our chat with @Kirsten, @rustil, @nick and us two should still happen - that’s to say with @orangeman present to give his background and input and flag up some important questions. One is the issue of payment: we have a very different system here in Germany (no easy credit card transactions like in the uk) and we will need to be creative in getting round legal restrictions. Also the legal structure of OFN, which could begin under the radar but needs a future ‘seat’ in the right part of the law… I realise Monday and Wednesday pm are nor´good next week. Shall we try for Tuesday? :soccer:


OK for me @Odi ! I’m sure we’ll find a way to handle the German legal stuff :slight_smile:


excellent excellent, great to see this moving - I’m excited :slight_smile:

so we’re talking about a meeting with @Odi @MyriamBoure @nick @rustil @orangeman and me, to discuss / agree

  • the arrangement for orangeman to get started building servers, poss. including how payment will happen (issue with ‘easy credit card transactions’ is to do with paying orangeman or customers paying hubs / producers on OFN itself?)
  • pathway to future legal structure
  • is this the right meeting to bring all interested OFN Germany people together? or should possibly keep it tight and feed into another shortly after to continue discussions particularly on OFN Germany, who is willing to do what etc?

I’m easy with either, but European evenings are going to be hard for me
5:30pm in Berlin is 1:30am here (I think that’s right, +8 hours?)
9:30pm in Berlin is 5:30am
both of which not really appreciated! I think the earliest I could really do would be 7am, which would be 11pm and I suspect too late for you lot!

So either do it without me, or can we find a morning EU-time?


Dear @Kirsten, the card payment issue is to do with transactions between customers and hubs/producers. I could arrange Monday morning if need be. If this suits everyone else also, shall we say 9:30am again? And yes, a ‘tighter’ meeting is probably better for this one. :field_hockey:


Hi all - great to see this coming together. Next week will be tricky for me. I will try to join in if I can but please make plans without me. I will be more available from 6th June :slight_smile:


My ‘babysitter’ has just informed me earlier would be better. How would 8am Monday be for you @MyriamBoure, @orangeman, @rustil? And I make that 4pm for @Kirsten and 7am for you @nick? (No pressure Nick, you’re in the loop regardless…) :clapper:


OK I will try to join at 8am CEST. Are we using hangout? Please put the link up here. Thanks