OFN France Backlog

The following items are to be picked up by the French team for development (and we can @ people if we have questions) or by other teams if the issue is a shared issue and some other teams are working on it / financing the work:

Critical items

1- VAT not included (and detailed) in product price in shopfront (copied from Norwegian Backlog as France as the same requirement)

GitHub #725 and GitHub #773

Status updates:

Jan 21 - Ongoing discussion, today VAT is not shown in the shopfront but only at checkout, which is a problem in Europe where we always show the price including VAT in shops. Same problem in UK where they use an entreprise fee to manage the VAT, but we don’t want to do that as we think it’s not clear for the end customer, so for the moment we have setup all master prices including VAT, and we say the entreprise doesn’t charge VAT… which is not a solution either. The other issue that the VAT on fees is not calculated is also important for us in that matter, we need to sort out all the VAT thing so that it is consistent.

Jan 22 - @oeoeaio has done some thinking around the tax issues with the current way it works, and has started a discussion about how we could improve it here. Will need input from @MyriamBoure to proceed with this, to make sure we’ve got the right idea of what’s going on and how to fix it.

2- Full translation of the front & backoffice (as most French people don’t speak very much English…)

GitHub #753
@nickwhite and @marito59 are working on that

3- Problems while uploading a new product

Github #795, #796, #797

Issues on image size (no indication), problem in filing in the price ("," or “.” are very confusing and with annoying consequences on prices being changed), and error when someone delete the “0” in “on hand” (even if has clicked on “on demand”))

4- Redirection issues that prevent validation of enterprises

Github #879

Users are stuck and can’t validate their entreprise as the link in the email redirect to a “safety issue” page.

Important items

Offer the possibility to generate a compilation of one invoice per producer for an order (the hub is not legally a middleman but just a business provider for the producers)

Discourse #513

Status: evaluating the feasability

Offer an e-wallet payement solution so that the money doesn’t have to transit through the hub and is directly distributed to the producers.

Status: discussions with Mangopay on the feasability

Nice to have items

Replace Google Maps by Open Street Map

Discourse 492

Ping @marito59, @nickwhite, @Selmo and @gnollet if anything to add :smile:

With the new voting and global priorization process we are implementing those instance backlog are outdated. I’m archiving them, and we are deleting the sub category “curated backlog”.