OFN France and India live

I think it would be good if someone could edit this page https://openfoodnetwork.org/ofn-local/ to move India and France into the top list rather than the ‘coming soon’ list. Is this OK with @Myriam and @sreeharsha ? Sorry - i know you are all very busy but I am so excited about the spread of OFN :sunny: Thanks


Yep @Nick I have the access codes and I’m supposed to do it but I just don’t have the time right now! Will ask Arthur if he can do it for France :slight_smile:

Hi @NickWeir, Same with me, @sstead did give me access. I will try to get it done this week.
Thanks for the reminder, and Yes, “Love to see the spread of OFN”

@sreeharsha @MyriamBoure if you send me the details that you want on your pages, I can make the changes for you. For now we only need to fill in the basic template that @sstead set up (thanks Sally!), that way you can build more content when you get the time.
If you want even less info, I can also remove some of it. For example I notice that the producer sign up page on the India instance needs some more content, maybe we should hold back on direct links to stuff like that and just have one link to the instance front page with a blurb and contact info.
let me know if I can be of help :slight_smile:

and yes, totally agree with @NickWeir I love the global spread !

@MyriamBoure I can also include the logos for the new instances in the coming soon area once I know which ones they are … do we have a list of which are ready to be on the page?

Done @NickWeir ! I took the liberty to keep the UK frame for the french page, if you don’t mind, it was a quickest way to go for me… I would understand though if you want me change it, just let me know and I’ll do it :slight_smile:

@CynthiaReynolds thanks for offering your help, it seems I managed to find my way. About the coming soon logo, let’s switch the discussion on Slack, let’s see with the US, Benelux and Germany if they want to be there already!

@sstead please feel free to change anything if I did something wrong :-o


all good - thanks @MyriamBoure