OFN Developers Meet Ups

Hi everyone! :smile:

An idea was raised at our Global Hangout last night, about the possibility of an OFN Development group regular online catch up / hang out / meet up.

It seems like a great opportunity to extend the talking on Discourse about all things technical and code-based into a (virtual) face-to-face gathering where people can talk about what they’re working on, get ideas from the crowd on the best approach to developing particular features. Where newbies can ask questions, where decisions can be made on the solution/domain (e.g. like deciding it’s time upgrade the rails/spree version) and where everyone can moan about tech debt and how no matter what it just keeps piling up :expressionless:

We also thought that it would be better to leave it in the hands of our developers to decide if this is a good idea, and if it is to coordinate setting it up and running with it.

So, @oeoeaio @maikel @RohanM @pmackay @lin_d_hop @stveep @elf-pavlik @sigmundpetersen @nickwhite etc, what do you think? A worthy thing to bring about? I’ll leave you to your discussions!

Here in France we are really interested in having these meet ups. It would lead to a better coordination and, for us, a clearer visibility on the roadmaps and priorities.

We should save some time during the meet ups on technical design thoughts and decisions.

Count us in (myself, @gnollet @nickwhite, pinging @MyriamBoure).

Its a good idea :slight_smile: Perhaps once a month or something like that?

The trick would be getting the content right that there is useful discussions for everyone joining. Often technical stuff are very specific questions that need a 1-1 conversation, but group chats could be super useful too. Certainly worth a try?

(@danielle I just changed the ping on the French “Nicolas”, it was Nicolas the baker who were pinged, not Nicolas the developer ;-))

Oops! My bad. It’s hard to know who’s who on here :blush:

I think this is a good idea, but agree with Paul that we need to make sure there is some kind of structure. Maybe we can have a post here (or a github repo) for people to add topics they want to discuss - whether asking or explaining.

That all makes sense. So I guess the next question is who is going to be the one to kick this all off and set it up?

@pmackay, maybe something you’d be willing to take on and nurture for the first one or two, till the group have figured out how they want to organise?

Hi there! Did this move forward? We had a meeting with the French team yesterday, and we thought that would really be great to have this space for the dev people to go beyond the bottlenecks they are sometimes stuck with… @pmackay are you up to organize this once a month? Or anyone else want to take the lead on facilitating that?

Recently I have not had capacity, but should have more towards end of April. Equally happy for someone else to lead on it too :slight_smile:

As a new joined developer, I really want to see this to happen.
What I would like to suggest are:

  1. Create a development slack channel for all developers. We can discuss how to do the meetup.
  2. Put all the technical proposals in the development category, later on we can choose some hot topics to discuss on our monthly meetup.

Ping @nickwhite and @gnollet :slight_smile: