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Hi @openfoodnetwork and all!

Is there any design guidelines in order to create an image and logo for Open Food Network Spain (openfoodnetwork.org.es)? Fonts, colours,…

Oups @alvarosaco, I didn’t see your message… I’m not sure which is the relevant file to use… maybe @danielle you will have an idea? As you were leading a discussion on design customization :wink:

Hola @MyriamBoure @danielle!

Do you know what font/tipography is used into the logo? Is anyone working in OFN design guidelines? : )


Hi! @serenity is the one who can help you with this @alvarosaco, she’ll be in touch :slight_smile:

Hi @alvarosaco

I have shared the branding folder with you. That’s all we have. I am getting another round of logos made up for next tranche of countries (on Monday). Can add you to the list - do you have a pref re colour for spain?

This also raises a larger Q which I’m not sure Myriam mentioned. You will see all of the international governance redesign discussion happening on this forum. Until we have an agreed way to approve regional use of OFN brand, we are asking that you have a short partner agreement with the Open Food Foundation? I will email you a copy to have a look at :slight_smile: Its very short and friendly! The other alternative is to trial with a white label version of code in Spain (with branding stripped out). Will follow up with email draft of agreement and will also add Spain to list of logos to be made up next week :slight_smile:

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Hola @serenity

Thanks so much, also to @danielle. I will review the email with the OFN partner agreement : )

About the colors, thinking in the Spain flag, could be yellow “PANTONE process yellow” and/or red “Pantone red 032” or see for example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Spain#Colours for more details.