Offer a promotion when a min nb of units of a given product is added to cart

What is the need / problem:

A jam producer sells a product called “jams” with several variants : strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc.
She seels each unit 4,5€, but if you buy 5 or more the price becomes 4€.
This reduced price will apply whatever the variants chosen, as long as I buy 5 or more.

So a producer needs to be able to setup a promotion given a rule type “if nb of items of product A reach X, then price is Y”, that would apply to all variants. Ideally that promotion would apply as soon as the 5th product is added to cart and will be visible in the cart, and on the shopfront.

Who does it impact?

Producers and distributors who want to setup promotional offers based on quantities bought of specific item.

What is the current impact of this problem

Producers who do offer those promotion have to handle themselves manually out of OFN. They “tell” the customers about it and as customers pay physically when they get the products, they pay less when collecting the products as the producer apply the promotion. If we want the users to manage their catalog and sales within OFN they need to be able to handle that within OFN.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Enable food entreprise to use the OFN to fully manage their sales.

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

1- Spree has a “promotion” feature that we never used so far and that is currently broken in OFN.
Looking into details on how this promotion feature works it doesn’t seem to cover the case described here though, so we would need to “add” a new rule in Spree promotion module (contribute directly to Spree I guess as can interest more people) which would be something like: “When nb of items of product A in cart reach X (whatever the variants), price of all variants of product A becomes Y / is reduced by Y% / …”

2- Any other idea ?

@Rachel @Kirsten @lin_d_hop any idea for a workaround ? I have no idea really what temporary solution to recommend…

I had this situation recently in a hub I’m managing. A producer had a sale if someone bought 3 bags of chips. So I went into the edit order - ‘adjustments’ - screen and changed the amount for those products to the reduced per item cost. Then send a revised invoice to the customer. If they paid already - there was a credit there. If they hadn’t paid yet - they now have the correct total.

I know this is not a real solution, but in the UK we encourage users to set up an additional variant. In the case of this examples the user would have an additional ariants:

  • One for each flavour
  • And then one for 5 jars of jams.
    If the user wanted to have 5 flavours of their choice then in the name/description we would say put the choice of flavours in the delivery comments box.

Obviously this is far from ideal.

This strikes me as a feature that fits well with our ideas on a ‘composite product’ feature set. There is also much complexity that stems from a ‘composite product’ like this that would need to be discussed in designing the feature.

I agree that ‘promotions’ would not cover this requirement and would be hesitant to suggest that we plan this feature on hacking ‘promotions’ until we unpack the problem in the context of our other conceived features a little more.

Thank you @lin_d_hop and @tschumilas for your comments. I understand the workaround you suggest @lin_d_hopbut as you say it’s far from ideal as producer cannot really user reports and have the total quantities ordered… But anyway, I will suggest that until we prioritize that need.

Absolutely :slight_smile: One of a hundreds ways inventories don’t work properly and another argument to prioritise on composite products!

@MyriamBoure I wonder if this feature is still in pre-voting candidate stage for a little more spec on how it works and fits with other feature possibilities?

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Spec comes after voting @lin_d_hop else we don’t know what to time spend on to spec… I’m still unclear on this. Pre-voting is more when it’s messy and multiple ideas and it’s not clear what we want to incept, it’s too broad, etc. But inceptions can’t be done before we prioritize… we can’t incept every idea that comes up, not ! anyway come on the process improvement channel on Slack to discuss this so we find the line !

Yeah, you’re right. This is clear enough for voting :slight_smile: