New instances support team and curation process

This is a wiki to describe who is the support team and curators for international requests (i.e. people from countries where there is not yet any local OFN community)
WARNING: this is just a first version and needed to be amended collectivelly by the team, especially @NickWeir I would like to discuss with you based on that first proposal so that we come with a shared proposal at the next hangout :wink:

1- Basic set up

  • one support person per country / region in order to be able to connect the different people who contact us whenever it makes sense
  • one or two global curators who are aware off what’s happening all over the world to be able to connect people, find mutualized solution, etc. whenever it makes sense, and also filter and allocate new requests to support people, and find new support people if the existing ones can’t take more countries.

2- The current team

(as you will see we will need to decide about who supports which region and who is the curator for each region, I have been doing the main thing until summer, then Nick took over and some other people started joining the team, so we need now to decide who does what basically :-))
- curators : @NickWeir + @MyriamBoure
- support team and regional assignments :
USA : support people = support : @CynthiaReynolds + @tschumilas, curator : @NickWeir
Italy : support people = support : @enricostn + @NickWeir
Germany : support people = @NickWeir + @Kirsten
India : support people = @MyriamBoure
Vietnam : support people = @MyriamBoure
Brasil : support people = @NickWeir

3- Basic process:

a- when a request lands in hello@ofn:

  • if the email concerns a region already supported by someone, the email is transfered to this person, and cc the associated curator. The support person is in charge of responding. The curator is only here in case he sees an interesting connexion, give some useful feedback, or to support the support person.
  • if the email concerns a new region, the email is transferred to the curators who them arrange between them to find a support people or decide if one of them do it.
  • Nick created a channel #new-instances and invited the support / curators so we will use that channel to share new support requests and decide who take it in charge.
  • The support person in charge adds the contact in the “contacts in OFN instances” shares spreadsheet (on OFN global drive/ only accessibe for OFN contributors)

b- When important calls happen in a given region it’s good if the support people + the curator of the zone are both in the call. If that seems relevent, we can also invite other “expert people” (like @Kirsten who we often invite to strategic calls for her broad OFN expertise ;-))

4- Want to support some new emerging community worldwide ?

If some other people would like to become support people, please comment this thread below ! Cynthia and Theresa have already expressed their will to get more involved in that so we can propose them some new countries when we receive requests.

5- Documentation

Thanks @MyriamBoure this looks ideal :slight_smile: I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your post and that I didn’t respond before the global zoom yesterday. I hope that went OK - I saw some slack messages about the zoom not working for some people…:worried:

I am happy with all the roles that you have suggested for me. I am happy to take on Germany and Italy. I would like to propose @enricostn as one of the support people for Italy.

Could you @MyriamBoure take on India and Vietnam? I would like to discuss Brasil

Shall we have an item for this on the next global hangout - i can facilitate 14th Nov if you like @MyriamBoure? I am also happy to talk this through before then if you think we need to.

Thanks again for getting this started.

Here is Myriam’s excellent template for a new instance

…and there is also the list of contacts on the google drive that we need to keep up to date but I guess I shouldn’t link to that here…