Need help to fix ERR 500

Cool, sounds like progress. What environment is the server running in? I know for some reason the default for the ansible scripts was to set the server to run in the test environment, which makes no sense, and also would stop bugsnag from reporting errors. It looks like that might be the case, since the logs are appearing in log/test.log. Could you try setting it up in development instead? The easiest way to do that might be to re-run the provisioning with rails_env set to development in vars.yml.

Alternatively, for a quick test, you could try putting “test” in the bugsnag notify_release_stages var.

I’ll start by adding test to the notify_release_stages var. Do you need to restart nginx and/or unicorn for the bugsnag config changes to take effect?

I’m not 100%, but I reckon you’ll need to restart unicorn (service unicorn_openfoodnetwork restart). I don’t think you’ll need to restart nginx.

OK. I had just done vagrant reload, but will try that next time. Looks like some new (and prosaic) output in the log file now:

Nothing in bugsnag console yet though…

Hey in the non-test environment (with rails_env set to development in vars.yml) we get further! There was first a page with message about missing fields. Then:

404 not found on

I know I didn’t chose a very creative test name. : )

I see what the problem is, though. We’re losing the port in the url. Should be:

I’m not sure how to get around this. Interestingly, when I start the rails server it says:

Rails 3.2.21 application starting in development on

The 8080 of course is set in the Vagrant file. Any recommendations? Maybe I could make a setting in the host computers /etc/hosts file, but it seems like there might be a more “elegant” approach.

On my side, now bugsnag is activated on the server :
** [Bugsnag] Bugsnag
exception handler 1.5.2 ready, api_key=

But the servr can’t register error on bugnsag :
** [Bugsnag] Notifying of WebMock::NetConnectNotAllowedError from api_key

I check the key and it’s the key I can see from bugsnag website.

On the test.log file, i have the bugsnag messages. You can download the test.log with errors here

Hope that will help you to find the issue.

Hi guys - not sure if rohan mentioned that he’s away again for 10 days, but then he’s really back. @maikel may have some ideas on this but poss. not til next week - so silence is not forgotten / ignoring just significant resource limitations!!

OK. Thank you very much for the heads up. Have a nice weekend. More soon. : )

Interesting. It looks like the rails application is not allowed to make web requests. I’m wondering if that could be because of the environment. Try staging or production.

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Hi, I try to install production with ansible, then now I’m able to create enterprise but email is not sent.
From email configuration panel, I can send test email.

About email confirmation, I just see this message : “translation missing: fr.devise.enterprise_confirmations.enterprise.confirmation_sent” but no error.

Hi, Did you get some time to analyze this issue ?

Thanks a lot

@gnollet I wasn’t able to download the log file that you referenced (I get a 404). However, I wrote up some email issues that @maikel and I found on the UK server. Perhaps one of those would be helpful for getting this up and running?

I think I’m not in the same case than the UK server.
I’m running a Production envirronment.
Below the setup of mail method :

Then I can send a test email, I receive it.
But when I create an enterprise, I didin’t receive the email then I can’t validate contact information and can’t complete enterprise registration.

The log file I put on the link is no more available because I reinstall the OFN application with ansible playbook to try the production envirronement.

Great, sounds like moving to production environment is a step in the right direction. @gnollet, could you send me the current log files (production.log and delayed_job.log) so I can have a hunt for causes of the problem sending emails?

@RohanM, I publish the logs here :

Hi @gnollet, @marito59,

It looks like this is a tricky problem to track down from a distance. Would you be open to giving @maikel or myself SSH access to the server so we can have a go at tracking down and fixing the problem? I reckon that might be a more efficient way to proceed, and we could write up whatever we found so that the problem and solution are documented for future users. I’ll be away for the next week (until the 29th of October), but Maikel will be available for that time.

I would also be interested to be advised of the cause of the issue and it’s resolution.

I’m not sure if this is related to your problems at all, but I will just document one problem solution for the UK staging server. Just to understand the whole architacture of emailing:

  • A mail method is configured in Spree (prod/stage dependend).
  • When a mail should be sent, that job is stored in the database.
  • A separate process (delayed_job) picks up jobs from the database and sends the email.
  • Delayed_job is started by a program called monit.
  • Monit has a system configuration file for delayed_job and checks every two minutes if delayed_job is running, restarting it if needed.

You see, there is a lot that can go wrong. For the UK, I checked the single steps to see what is working and what is not. One problem there was that monit was configured, but could not start delayed_job. There should be a file /etc/monit/conf.d/openfoodnetwork containing this:

check process openfoodnetwork_dj_worker_0
with pidfile /home/ubuntu/apps/openfoodnetwork/current/tmp/pids/
start program = "/bin/bash -c 'RAILS_ENV=staging /home/ubuntu/ -i 0 start'"
as uid ubuntu and gid ubuntu
with timeout 120 seconds
stop program = "/bin/bash -c 'RAILS_ENV=staging /home/ubuntu/ -i 0 stop'"
as uid ubuntu and gid ubuntu
with timeout 120 seconds
if mem is greater than 250.0 MB for 3 cycles then restart

There is a reference to /home/ubuntu/, it was manually added by me. The original script pointed to the repository’s script folder. Unfortunately, that script contains paths specific to the Australian servers. I needed to copy it and edit the paths. Then restart monit as root (careful: service monit restart as user doesn’t give a good error message, but doesn’t not reload the system configuration either).

I’m not sure if that is solved in the latest version of the deploy scripts, but it definitely needs attention. Otherwise email just won’t work.

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@MikeiLL, you fix the issue ! :smile:
The script is setup with wrong paths, as you mention, the ansible paths are not used in this script.
I change the paths on script ans start it manually, I receive the emails I’m waiting.

Thanks a lot