Need for rounding in the shopfront

We have a demand from one of our core beta-tester, who is going to use the platform for real from the 3rd June.
He would like the prices in the shopfront to be rounded at 0 or 5 cts (like 4,95€ instead of 4,97€ if it goes ovr 4,975 then it displays 5€). Is it already somewhere in the pipeline?
In my vision the hub entreprise should determine wether they want the products price to be rounded to the 5cts up or down on the shopfront. If yes, it means that the decomposition of the price should also be rounded the same way so that it’s consistent.

Is it something that could be done quickly? @nickwhite do you think you could work on that on priority?
If not possible for you @nickwhite that would be great if we could have a quick budget @danielle.

The user has setup the prices of the products including the margin of the hub as he wanted it do be displayed as he wants, but this is not a solution at all! We need to find a fix :wink:


Hey @MyriamBoure, it’s not an easy thing to size because of the complexity involved in implementing it. But we can definitely say after @oeoeaio spending 5 minutes thinking about it and how it could be implemented that it’s not a quick thing or easy.

The question we have here in AU is what does he need this for? What problem is he solving by rounding each product price up/down? It’s not a request that we’ve had before and we can’t figure out what exactly the benefit is in doing it. I’m sure that he has a good reason, we’d just like to understand it.

If you wanted us to spend more time looking in to the solution then we could try and timebox hour of @oeoeaio’s time next week to come up with a solution, but he’s also going to be spending the time designing the Standing Orders solution which is pretty important for a lot of users. Let us know how you’d like to proceed :slight_smile: