Multiple domains pointing to same ofn instance

For maximum network effects (and cost saving) it makes sense to share a single ofn instance among different groups who want to try/use it for food distribution. In the spirit of decentralization it would be great if everyone could still use their own web domain from the beginning - pointing to the same server instance.

Has this been done before?
Are there any experiences?
How best do this technically?

Embedding an iframe integrates nicely with an existing website but direct links can no longer be copy/pasted from the browser.

Maybe it’s possible to (mutihost) configure the nginx reverse proxy (that is part of the ofn ansible setup) to forward different domains? E.g. a subdomain like could then resolve to the ofn startpage or a foddhubs ofn shop page. Is there anything I’m missing? Could this work?

I’m not sure that I understand this as it seems relatively simple (given each shop has it’s own url already), but there’s probably a technical thing I don’t know about :slight_smile: Perhaps @enricostn @maikel @oeoeaio @Matt-Yorkley @lin_d_hop would understand / could respond?

probably it is relatively simple :wink:

During deployment, the (reverse) proxy gets configured (and https certificates registered) for a given domain. Is it as simple as doing that again for each domain name?

point to the same shop page

in order to share a single ofn instance as if it would be multiple independent instances
(federated with some server-to-server data synchronization protocol)

Yep, it’s possible and quite easy to achieve tuning the Nginx configuration. The only thing I would suggest though is that you manually add that extra configuration without touching the existent Nginx configuration.

Fo instance you can add a couple of available / enabled servers and register / maintain the SSL certificates for the associated domains.

In this way you’ll be able to use the latest provisioning scripts from OFN maintaining your Nginx / SSL customization. You can even create a separate Ansible playbook to run after the “official” OFN provisioning.

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sounds good - will try…

Thank You! @enricostn

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Making OFN available under multiple domains is quite easy as described above. But the instance will have a default domain. That default domain is used for links in emails. It could be confusing if people visit and then receive emails with links to There will be only one branding.

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That’s a good point to take in account.

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