Money transfers to pay for services at OFN Aus

In order to pay OFN Australia for their services, money transfers are to be made.
From Norway, bank transfers to Australia are costly, what are some options that we may want to consider?

This looks most promising!
cheapest I have seen to date… anyone else have a better option? @openfoodnetwork @MyriamBoure

outcome: worked like a charm and cost us very little, about half a percent!
you can send money via credit card or bank account, personal or business transaction. This one was sent personally, as we are yet to have a business account established.

@NickWeir this may be a good option for you guys

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worked a charm, money received overnight I think?!

@NickWeir Here is the link you need … very efficient, and cheaper than anything else I have found :smile:

Made another Transferwise payment today, but this time from our business account instead of personal account like last time. It was a bit more cumbersome with extra steps including a transfer to a separate TransferWise national account but looks like it worked out fine.
@Kirsten, you should have the money soon :wink: