Mexican farmer market asks for help about OFN

Tianguis Alternativo de Puebla is a cooperative farmers market with o community of about 500 consumers 30 groups of producers. We are actually working with a web designed by our own and find a lot of limitation. We work in network with several local food market

We are very interested in the solutions OFN brings as a NPO. I have been reading all along your webpage and as there is no local partner in Mexico we would like to evaluate if we can make it happen. We are used to work through cooperative processes and have some tecnological and logistical skills and ressources.

I will be very receptive to any guidance you can give me.

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome @BertrandPuebla! @NickWeir may be able to set up a call to help you understand next steps :slight_smile:

It is very good to hear from you @BertrandPuebla :slight_smile:

We are talking to several people in Mexico about deploying the OFN software there. Please can you send me your email address so that I can link you up with these people and invite you to the OFN Slack channel so that you can join the conversation.

My email address is

I am looking forward to working with you :slight_smile: