Managing new user accounts

This topic is related to customer management on OFN’s side. Put into practice, it could really help new OFN instances to manage their first users.
Here in France, we are in beta phase, and subscription numbers are still pretty low, but growing every day.
We are still at a stage where we can contact new enterprises one by one and engage qualitative relationships, by offering help and advice.
I propose the following solution : filtering new subscribers by type (enterprises vs customer) and sending notifications to the super admin (in France @MyriamBoure ) for every enterprise registration.
This could really help OFN getting user feedback at early stages, really useful for new OFN instances.


Thank you @Arthur for this proposal, there is definitely a process to put in place to welcome the newcomers properly, which we don’t do yet.
@gnollet does it seem possible to filter only the message sent to confirm the registration of a new enterprise and transfer et copy of them to a super-admin, or I would say, to a dedicated email address that we could also be more that one people to manage (Arthur, it would be great if you would like to take on that role to welcome new comers and offer support, that would help you get your hands dirty in the application as well :-))
For example, in the case of France, those specific message could be cci to, and we could see with Arthur how we can together manage the answers of that mailbox?

How do you do in Australia and Uk, what are your processes @sstead and @NickWeir (not sure who manages that in UK, maybe @mags?)

Thanks for your inputs!

@MyriamBoure @Arthur we can setup Sendgrid to configure an email address to each email sent, but this will be done on all emails, not only welcome/registration email

Is this related to your discussion?

In Canada we put this on our ‘wishlist’ - way that a super-admin can be notified by email when a new enterprise registers. for sure right now, I notice them because the numbers of experimenters on the platform is quite small - but already I can see that this will grow very quickly
@gnollet @MyriamBoure @Arthur

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Yes @tschumilas that would be it ! Thank you for sharing. So I guess for now, the only filtering option is on your mail client, like @lin_d_hop using gmail to filter

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in the UK @mags updates this report every month then we go through new producers and hubs and contact them by phone and email to see what support they need

Yes, following on from @NickWeir’s comment above - at the start of each month I pull a Users & Enterprises report, filter it by confirmation date, and just keep the enterprises that have signed up in the last month (or since I last pulled the report).I then go through and check how far people are with the set up process, if they’ve established relationships with other enterprises, if they’ve started taking orders, etc.

I agree that some kind of notification would be useful, especially when we get to the point of having lots of users sign up each month. But I find this a really useful thing to do as well, as it lets you see if people have got stuck with setting up, or if people are managing to get going by themselves easily. Currently we’re getting 10 - 15 new enterprises a month signing up and this is still a manageable task.

very helpful - I’m still getting oriented to all the possible uses of different reports. Thanks @mags