Managing backlogs

@MyriamBoure would you be interested in having a single Backlog milestone to use for UK and Norway? I think it would be mutually beneficial ( is a small example of something that we might look at during the hack days here, or at least is a possible “easy” issue for onboarding. Then ideally we tag issues with uk or norway if they are for our specific needs, or international if generally for i18n, etc.

cc @Kirsten in case she might be convinced of the true awesomeness of this idea by now :wink:

@pmackay I can only say that sounds llike a great idea :slight_smile: Indeed I guess some of the issues/bugs we observe in Norway won’t be only us observing them… and when we see that some issues you reported, we also observe them, we can just tag them with “Norway” too or “international”.
But more generally, should we have just one backlog (I also think about France, and other countries which might start) with the same principle?
Ping @sigmundpetersen @olemd @sylvain