Make customer address and phone non compulsory info at checkout?

We have received feedbacks from beta testers that they don’t want their customers to be forced to put an address and a phone number at checkout, those are private information that shouldn’t be made compulsory.
Especially, the pick-up hubs don’t need the address or phone information… and customer don’t understand why they are asked those info. And as far as I know, the pick-up hubs are the vast majority of OFN users… am I right?

What I propose is:

  • to add small red * near the compulsory fields on the checkout page, and to make the phone number uncompulsory (we don’t need it for all customer)
  • in the billing information, the address field can be all uncompulsory
  • BUT we require those information for home delivery, so in the shipping info field, if a shipping method with a nature “delivery” is offered, there should be an address field + phone field here which would be compulsory fields, and by default they would be filled in with the info from precedent sections if they have been filled in, and else, the customer will have to fill it in at that stage. This would require some development.

The requirement for info that needs to be on the invoice in France is just the name of the client and the address if no opposition from the individual client (so this can be optionnal…)

It’s true that if the customer is a company, they need to put the address of the company so that they appear on the invoice, but I guess they would know that…

What do you think about it? @lin_d_hop @sstead @danielle @CynthiaReynolds @tschumilas @NickWeir @nickwhite

In our Canadian pilot shops, I have also received this feedback. I agree with you - can we make it so we only collect the information we absolutely require from a buyer? Also - I am assuming – but haven’t tested this yet - that a regular buyer can login and then all of their information is automatically populated when they check out. Is that correct? Thanks for raising the question Myriam.

@MyriamBoure, wouldn’t you want to leave phone number as a required field? When someone doesn’t come pick up in time, it’s good to be able to call them…

@eric I understand that could be useful, but lots of people in France are very careful about their private information and don’t want to give their phone number… or then what we can do is put a small “?” bubble and explain that we need the phone number in case there is any issue with the delivery. And anyway they can put a fake phone number if they don’t want to give it… So I would be ok to leave the phone number as a compulsory field. @tschumilas what do you think?

Everyone is going to have a different view on this. Ideally the shop should be able to choose what is a compulsory field.

Yes, I agree with you @Oliver :slight_smile: I open an issue on GitHub

I opened an issue on Github:
In any case, we need to ask the address if the buyer select a “delivery” option, as the delivery address could be different from the invoicing address. I explain that on the issue.

Ping @serenity and @oeoeaio in case they have thoughts on this as they were part of the original crew who made the decision to make those fields compulsory.

@danielle @serenity @oeoeaio any feedback on that? @nickwhite if you think that is managable for you to work on it this issue has been raised for the second time now in France. Users say it make the act of buying more complicated than the tools they use today.

@MyriamBoure is there a possibility of having an ‘express checkout’ option available? Shops can then choose whether they want to offer the option or not.

Hi all , @MyriamBoure : I think it would be easy to change compulsory fields on french instance but more complicated if we want to add a checkout option with the community. I propose to desactivate for us and we will be able to continue the discution on this.

Great @nickwhite :slight_smile:I’m just wondering one thing: if the hub has a shipping methode “delivery”, then the address field and phone should be compulsory… is it possible to do something on that? Add a rule that "if a shipping option with a nature “delivery” is seleted by the customer at checkout, the address and phone field become compulsory?

I agree @MyriamBoure, in making address only compulsory when the shipping option selected is delivery. I wonder though, is there value for the enterprise in including a phone number even if the customer is picking up the order, just in case they are late or don’t turn up?

Actually @danielle I really think this should be decided by the hub! For exemple, one of our users in France uses OFN alongside with a self-service shop in a coworking space. People help themselves in what is stored and fill in what they have taken in the OFN shopfront. In that case you don’t need any phone number as well :wink:
I think for our subsidiarity principle, what is compulsory info or not should be leaved to the hub manager to decide when they set up their hub…

That makes complete sense, to allow the hub to decide if they want to collect that data for each shipping payment type :smile:

We gonna make this move forward in France, if you want to participate to the final discussion on how it’s done check the Github issue

@Kirsten @oeoeaio @sstead any thoughts on the scope?

think it’s pretty important that it be an option controlled by enterprise/shop not an instance-wide setting

and default should remain as is to minimise confusion

@Kirsten here is the spec file so yes this is going to be controlled by enterprise/shop. About default, I have proposed to allow the shop manager to make shipping option and/or payment option checked by default IF there is only one (we had the request from a few hubs already)

So basically here are the 5 things that I propose to make customizable by the hub :
O Make phone number non compulsory info at checkout
O Make invoicing address non compulsory info at checkout
O Hide the “comment” box
O If only one shipping option, check by default
O If only one payment method, check by default

Is it fine with you ? Can we go for that ?