Looking for urban food delivery platforms in Bologna, Berlin and Tallin

Hi everyone!
We wrote you from Katuma ,as you may know we participate in a European project (PLUS) who frames a ground-breaking grid of investigation that intertwines four disruptive platforms (AirBnb, Deliveroo, Helpling and Uber) and seven European cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Bologna, Lisbon, London, Paris, Tallinn).
In this project, OFN is situated in the opposite place, as analternative to these disruptive platforms, from the cooperative culture.

Well, in this scenario, the researchers ask us to help them to identify some platforms (capitalist or in coop mood) working around URBAN FOOD DELIVERY in this cities. The idea is to find some platforms working in those cities as an intermediate between farmers and coops or consumers. It would be great if- ad part of OFN- we will find some platforms that show that there is a cooperative alternative to more disruptive platforms.

So… do you know any cases, especially in Bologna, Tallin and Berlin?

Thank you very much!


Hi Anna. I do not know of any platforms in these cities, but I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Theresa Schumilas, I volunteer with OFN-Canada. I am also a researcher associated with Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. I currently have a reasearch project to investigate how (so called) ‘disruptive’ platforms are being used by, and affecting, small and medium scaled farmers in Ontario. We are also looking for case studies, that show if/how such platforms are disruptive in 3 different ways: disrupting inflexible supply chains, responding to changing consumer roles and demands, and using digitized data to support farm management. OFN will be one of our cases, but we are now interviewing farmers about others. The second part of this project - next year - is to identify government policies and programs that are in place (in other countries as well as Canada) that are helping to move these technologies in more sustainable directions. I would very much like to keep in touch with you – it seems our interests are heading in similar directions. I would like to try to pull together a network/consortium of researchers (globally) and maybe we can do some on-line/virtual exchanges.

Hi Theresa!
Nice to meet you! your research is super interesting!!
I’m not the researcher of the PLUS project, although I think I’ll love
to colaborate in it (OFN is more a case of study than an actor in this
research) But i’ll love to keep in touch with you and read about your
impressions and study cases! We will share all the information that
could help you!
So, the main researcher in the Barcelona part project is Ricard Espelt,
I think you’ll have a lot i common, so I will introduce you.

I hope we will keep in touch and i’m so excited to read about your
research, so please, if you want to share anything i will be glad!