Limit the available order cycles to select from for tagged shoppers


Problem statement

An order cycle has been tagged for specific customers for a shopfront that uses registered only access.
Most shoppers will only have one order cycle that they can choose from, however these shoppers still have to click the order cycle selection box and choose the only available order cycle.

Affected users / customers

Shopfront users for shops with registered users - i.e. Locavore

Problem impact

Users may think that there is no order cycle available for them - a particular issue for new users

Benefit in focusing on this

A better user experience

Links to more details

Potential solutions

If only one order cycle is available for a tagged user, then it should default to that one rather than having the user select


I believe this is instead a bug regarding that select box and tagged order cycles. That’s not the expected behavior.

Would you mind filling in a bug in Github @SineadOFNUK?


I agree with @sauloperez @SineadOFNUK it should directly open the only shop available, for me it is a bug as well. So please fill in a bug, add it to bug backlog how prioritary you think it is compared to other bugs… (don’t be afraid, we will try to push more bugs in the pipe when Spree upgrade is done… they are accumulating…)


Thanks team - I’ve upgraded it into github given our conversation here


@sauloperez @MyriamBoure I am unfamiliar with tagged customers and order cycles, but I wonder if this is actually part of a bigger UX discussion (which I am yet to wishlist) about behaviour of the oc dropdown? My understanding is that the current default is to ALWAYS force the customer to choose so that you know that they have seen the date that they are getting their order. If it defaults then there is a risk of ‘no cognition’ - a frequent problem with systems like this

To be clear I don’t disagree with the change, just think that it is actually not a bug but would be part of the suite of changes suggested by @yuko in slide 49 of the OFN UX slideshow (that informs mobile ready) -

This is her proposal -

I need to process this and check it against Village Centre needs to make sure it covers them and then create a wishlist for the whole lot I think?