Keeping track of experimenters and new enterprises

Hi - I’m hoping someone has some practices/solutions to share with me. There are weekly now new enterprises experimenting with the platform, and some more seriously than others. I want to welcome them to the community, introduce myself and invite them to new user webinars I hope to start.

Is there any way to be ‘notified’ as super-admin, when a new user registers or when a new profile is created? Right now I have to go to the users list and keep checking the latest users - but its tedious and this list (I think) includes buyers/consumers as well as enterprise users. (I don’t want to see all the buyers)

Second - what processes are others using to track enterprises that are active - in order to bill them properly? I’m not interested in using automated billing right now - I want to be more in touch with the enterprises – at least for now. I think @sstead - you used a report and exported to CSV for this? Can anyone (@MyriamBoure @NickWeir @Kirsten) suggest some good practices for this?

To track new users - Periodically I download the Superadmin users/enterprises report and sort it by date of confirmation. This shows me who’s signed up recently and I can send them a hello email.

Tracking active shops - Each month I download from superadmin the entire OC customer totals report. From this I make a pivot table which gives me the sales volumes for each shop. This lets me see who’s active, who’s dropped off etc.

Hi @tschumilas we had this same issue in the UK so @SineadOFNUK set up a Trello board that automatically picks up new enterprises as they set up. We can then move the cards to different areas on the board, set their status, set reminders, etc. I will invite you to join the board so you can see how it works. Or you can use this link to join the board

Hi @tschumilas we have the same issue and I think we would need to open a wishist / icebox item to “enable OFN super-admins to welcome and support users” properly as any of the solutions above seem tedious to me.
I have tried to do the download an welcome email thing but never manage to do it properly.
But meanwhile I’ll try also to get inspired from Nick and Sallly’s processes :wink:
@SineadOFNUK @NickWeir how did you set up the Trello board so that it automatically picks up new eterprises as they set up? That seems to me an interesting option… thanks!

@SineadOFNUK is a bit busy at the moment. I will ask her to let you know how she did this when she gets time

Hey @MyriamBoure,

It was a mixture of using Zapier, Slack, Gmail and Trello.

I initially setup the Trello board with the appropriate boards I wanted to move enterprises through.

In Gmail I created a filter that adds “New Enterprise” to any email that comes through to my account that conformed to:
Matches: from:( subject:(is now on Open Food Network UK)
Do this: Apply label “New Registrations/New Enterprise”

Then created an account with Zapier and use the Zap “Create Trello cards from new labeled Gmail emails”. I then worked through the process to get Zapier to recognise emails that are flagged as “New Enterprises” and configured the Trello cards to pull out specific information - the email content, email address, a series of checklist items and dates.

In Trello then I setup a notification so that when new cards are created on the “incoming board” a notification goes into Slack to say XXX have created a new enterprise which is a flag for me to go in, review the information and then move it into the next stage where either Nick or myself will follow up and start moving them through the process.

Can promise setting up the integrations took no more then 20 minutes or so - happy to show you through it over a call sometime if you want to see what ours working.