June 19 Testing - 4 Branches

Branch 1- Optimise Shopfront - how are variant over-rides showing in the shop- are the prices and available quantities reading from the over-ride or original product? Does the back end stock level reflect checked out purcahses? @RohanM

  • Initial trial (full E2E relationships, hub not manager/owner of producer):

Showedthat the products are correctly showing the over-ridden price (from shopfront, through checkout and order confirmation, and in admin’s view of orders and reports)

However the shop didn’t reflect the over-ridden ‘on hand’ value. The orignial product was marked as ‘on demand’, but the hub over-rode this with an on hand value of 10. Yet customer could place order for 15 units. This carried all through the shop, checkout and admin side (order and reports). The over-ride on hand value didn’t reduce at all after order was placed.

  • Second Trial (Only E2E-VariantOverrides and E2E-OC, hub not owner/manager of producer)

All was correct. The prices and on hand values read from over-ride. The on hand value was reduced after check out and stocked out products no longer showed in store. The original product maintained its original price and on have value.

  • I tried reducing the E2Es (removed E2E-Products) of the first example to see if it would resolve ‘on hand’ error, but it did not.

Branch 2- prevention methods for people creating enterprises of the same name as pre-existing enterprises.
Seems to be working in Admin

  • I was also stopped as a non-super admin, with same error message.

  • I was also stopped if editing an existing enterprise’s name to one that’s already taken

  • However it doesn’t work as smoothly at /register… as you begin typing in the enterprise name, there’s no dropdown list of similar names (as occurs in admin). Also, you don’t get stopped until you try to click ‘create profile’… and the error message isn’t specific- you don’t know why you’ve been stopped… and you aren’t given the email of existing enterprise…

Branch 3- Are producers with shop displaying as such in hubs? And in shops?

  • Yes… this appears to be working correctly…
    I’m in a hub’s shop… I click on Producers… then I select a producer… if it’s a profile-only producer I see only their bio, and their name is in green, with green tractor icon. (same if I click a producer’s name under one of their products in a hub shop) If the producer has a shop, their name is red, with a red tractor, and clicking this title takes me to their own shop. At the bottom of their pop up bio, there’s also the “change shop to” prompt. If I go to their producer shop, there’s no tractor shown, to indicate they are a producer, but they are still in the producer list (where they have a tractor).

Able to replicate the over-ride ‘on hand’ value error on Staging2

The same error was recreated in Staging1… can’t over-ride ‘on demand’ product - GITHUB ISSUE CREATED #608