'job posting' for OFN tech talent

I hope its OK that I start a new topic here for this - someone move it if you think its better elsewhere. (I"m still a bit lost in this space.) I am moving ahead with desk-top experimentation with the newly configured OFN-Canada, and in Feb-Mar hope to get some farms and hubs involved in some experiments too. So - we will quickly generate a needed features list and other things that need tech talent. It is my goal to assemble an ecosystem of talent (or talent pool) around OFN-Can - including tech folks who we can draw on and employ, and who can join the global community of folks working on this. We don’t have money yet - but I’m lining up a barter program - looking for people to barter for organic produce as a little start. BUT - my initial problem is that I don’t know ‘what’ I’m looking for. I live in the middle of the largest tech ecosystem outside of silicon valley, and I have an opportunity to go to all these different tech fairs and talent fairs - so I want to write a little description of the kinds of skills and experience I’m looking for - so I can create some buzz about this. I wonder if some of you could list for me the kinds of skill sets I should be looking for?

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Hi Theresa,

The short description of what you’re looking for is a “full-stack Ruby on Rails developer”. That means that they would understand a variety of skills involved in both developing the application and managing a server.

For slightly more technical detail, here’s a list of the core bits of technology OFN uses:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS (for front-end Javascript)
  • Ansible (for provisioning and managing the server)

Hope that helps!

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