Is Odoo worth integrating into OFN for managing customer accounts and book-keeping?

I had the email below from a food hub in Holland which looked at using the Stroudco software a few years ago. She is suggesting that we might be interested in Odoo - see this review

From: Judith Vos []
Sent: 24 May 2016 10:34
To: Nick Weir
Subject: Re: Stroudco is now part of Open Food Network - come and join us!

Dear Nick,

Thanks for the update!
I will share the information with Voedselkollektief Amersfoort (the foodco we started about 5 years ago), other Dutch groups and will also look into it.
Right now I’m working on a coöperative shop, de Nieuwe Graanschuur, in Amersfoort, and we use Odoo (also open source) as a register/till-system, for bookkeeping and in the future also membership software.

Hopefully I will soon have some time to compare the two systems.
Maybe you already looked into Odoo to see if it has usefull features, just in case you haven’t I figured I should tell you about this open source thing too. I have no idea about programming and compatibility, but I guess the way systems are structured could provide some inspiration. Or not, if you’re already settled :wink:

Best regards, thanks again for the update,
Judith Vos

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Hi @NickWeir! Yes, I have looked into Odoo as well, and actually I met a French cooperative of producers who have organized their local food system through Odoo.
A network of local producers, shops, importers who have mutualized admin stuff and cooperate through a cooperative, and they use Odoo as an operating system to manage orders, invoices, etc.
I shared some thoughts on it on a previous discussion: Beyond accounting... other connections needed
That may be something to look a bit more into.
I tried in Norway to use it for incoiving BUT you can’t really modify anything unless you are a coder :wink: