Invoices skillsharing June 2022

Many thanks to @RonellaG @Karla Aaron Braulio and @konrad for attending this meeting!

@lauriewayne1 Ronella has managed to record the meeting and she will post the link on this thread shortly. Don’t hesitate to ship in with info from the US :slight_smile:

Here are my notes from the meeting - I’m turning this post as a wiki so if you see something missing from what you have said please edit straight away!

Context in FR

In FR invoicing user is a manual process for now. We would like to automatize as much as possible. We hope to get inspired by practices in other instance to improve / simplify our model and learn about ways to automate more.

Our invoicing process is happening every 3 months and is looking like this:

  1. We fetch the turnover excluding VAT from all shops trading on the platform since more than 3 months. We do this with a query on the database (when Metabase is not working we need a dev for this)
  2. We invoice people manually according to their tier. Some people choose a tier which is about “they give us the amount they want”. We don’t offer support for users on this tier.
  3. All new users get a form by email asking them to choose a tier. We need to remind them to do so and email them sometimes several times to get the info.
  4. All users who are not responding get their account suspended (we turn their shop into profile only and transfer the owner to an email address dedicated to that).

Context in AU

AU is using XERO to handle invoices and accounting. The process goes as follow:

  1. The 10th of every month a script is pulling all info from the platform onto a spreadsheet
  2. This spreasheet is then imported to XERO and send via email to users

It takes Braulio around 5 hours to do so.

To choose their tier, user get an airtable or google form. The AU team gets an automated email each time a user change something on this form.

Context in UK

UK process is pretty similar but import is automated through Zapier:

A Zap makes info go from the platform to a spreadsheet, then another does from the spreadsheet to Quickbooks where invoices are handled.

Defining who needs to pay is a manual process. But payment is made through gocardless so there is no problem of people forgetting to pay / chasing debt.

Other manual process : creating the customer in Quickbooks.

UK pricing model is clearly described here: Pricing • Open Food Network

Context in CA

OFN CA has by far the most simple and clever pricing model :smiley:

After a 2 weeks trial each shop gets a subscription set up through a dedicated OFN shop. It means users are paying upfront. At the end of the year the team adjust the amounts if necessary.

This model has the downside of being difficult for people who start. This is why the team is starting a new tier based on percentage of turnover / lower tier than the other option.

@Karla can you share a link to the shop?

The CA pricing model is found here - OFN-CAN Software Pricing

The link to our OFN Services Store

Context in Germany

Germany is only starting to invoice users, but no process has been created yet and the pricing model is still to be defined.

Pain points common to everyone

Invoices need to be sent to legal organization which often differ from the shop(s) name. It would be nice if the platform would ask about these info when users are registering. Maybe this is papercut material?

Finding out who started to trade through the platform and when is a common info as well. Currently enterprises reports show when the users have registered, but not when they started to make money.

Note that after next release, we will be able to de-activate users as super admin : Ability for superadmin to deactivate or activate a user · Issue #9066 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub FR has funded it but maybe it’s useful to all invoicing processes?

Next steps

  • @maikel would you be able to share the script you have set up?
  • Aaron is going to document UK 's Zaps

From there we will see if we need to set up a second meeting or everyone has enough info to move forward.

EDIT: Meeting recording now saved in global Google Drive - no need to download from zoom.
Meeting recording here:

Meeting recording link:*
(sharing on behalf of Ronella who is having computer issues)

Please download the recording to keep it for reference, it will only be available for 30 days as we don’t have enough zoom storage to keep it forever!

@Rachel maybe you are able to upload a video file to your main post?