Internship in Open Food Network

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Dear all,

After our short online talk about doing our internship in OpenFoodNetwork at Melbourne, this are a few more informations about us:

We are two Wild Code School students: Julien and me.

Our bootcamp will end late January. So we’ll can join for internship early February, or later if you prefer (March, April…)
The Internship duration is about three months, it can be more, depending on what we’ll all decide.
The Internship convention mention that we have to have a mentor to validate our skills.
I’m english fluent, but not Julien who have english notions (and want to come in Australia also to learn english).

About money:
Plane ticket will cost around 750€ and renting a flat in Melbourne is terribly expensive (about AUD 800/month).
Actually we can’t pay so much every months, that’s really the main problem.
For the everyday life, I have no idea of the cost of living in Melbourne, probably expensive but we’ll can eat pastas everyday :slight_smile:
I have a laptop, but Julien will have to buy one if you can’t provide him one of yours

We’ll also need visas. Julien can have a Australia Working Holliday (about AUD 365), but as I’m 45, I’ll probably need a worker Visa that cost … AUD 1000

One last point: we have a junior skill (our course is 5 months long) and we’ll probably need help, especially during the first month. You said you where very busy, will you have time enough to support us?

I hope I’ve not forget anything important, of course feel free to ask all the questions that you want.


Hello Emmanual and Julien!

Great that you are interested in working with us! Sorry for delay in responding. @oeoeaio and @RohanM are away on holidays til next week and we will get back to you in more detail after they are back and have had chance to talk with @maikel too. Need to decide as a dev team whether enough capacity to take this on and if so, when would be best time.

Unfortunately, we would not have any budget to help with your costs :frowning: We have an extremely tight / thin budget which barely covers our core. If you were coming we may be able to help you find somewhere to stay…but that is to consider once we have looked at the primary considerations.

Hope you had a happy Christmas and that there are lots of festivities planned for New Year :slight_smile:

Talk soon