Interns working with OFN hubs

Here is a link to how this is working in the UK

Here is our funding application to pay for more internships, train the interns and set up a peer mentoring system for interns

@serenity @danielle @sstead @Jen Nick mentioned this at the global hangout last night and I thought it might be useful for us to have a look. Sounds like it’s working really well in the UK and could be an approach we consider for our customer service needs too (especially once our massive re-launch and expansion happens) . .

@NickWeir that link is taking me somewhere very irrelevant - could be the same page number but wrong discourse instance? you might need to adjust the link to go outside global discourse and take us to UK page?

Link works now. Sorry

Sounds like a fantastic model! I can see how this would work well for some of the enterprises who contact us and don’t know where to start, or need more hands on assistance. I think the structure would also appeal to interns, because they’ve got a clear project, with objectives, a timeline and they would learn plenty I’m sure. My only concern is how we’d support the interns, that would be a pretty demanding task in itself?

sorry - but the link is still so some other old page ??

Sorry @tschumilas I don’t know why the link is going to the wrong place. This is the link - you will need to copy/paste it without the quotation marks “