Instance level marketing / promotional tools

This is in response to @Permakai’s request for a library of resources to help OFN instances promote the service to potential users.

In the UK we have deliberately focused on building our base of hubs (shopfronts) and until recently have done very little marketing of shopfronts to eaters (shoppers and buyers). However, recently we have been supporting shopfronts to build their social media marketing to their customers. We will be developing some action packs based on this work which we will link to here (remind us if we don’t :slight_smile:).

Here are some of the ways we have built our shopfront base:

We send a monthly newsletter to subscribers. Here is the subscription link. Let me know if you want some back issues.

This is absolutely awesome, thanks.

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Hey @NickWeir - thanks. this is awesome and good timing for OFN-CAN. Question - the link for some ideas for social media feeds seems to go to a doodle poll?

Well spotted @tschumilas - I have now corrected that link to this

Thank you @NickWeir for sharing and the UK Team for creating!

Following up a request from @charleen and @Permakai here is a link to a video we produced to help promote a new shopfront. We used zoom for this video