Instance based Terms of Service

The Scandinavian instance is going to be getting some legal advice (for free!) on what we need to do to have a pertinent ToS for our instance that will cover the countries involved.
We should probably work on establishing some global guidelines on how we reference the Open Food Foundation and have some core info that we agree to.

Any input on what we should be doing as we move forward ?

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@WillRedekop has some experience in this field and is reviewing the work ahead :slight_smile: and already has some feedback.

yes we just got some free legal advice and have almost finalised our ToS - I will email you the advice we got and the latest draft. In the meantime you might like to see some of the comments that were made on the original Aus Toc here

fantastic @NickWeir!
@WillRedekop this should be of help :slight_smile:

@CynthiaReynolds This is super helpful. Thank you @NickWeir! I look forward to seeing the advice and latest draft when you can send it as well.

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Now that v1.8.8 has been released, and the ToS check box option is in place, we need to finalise our ToS for the Scandinavian instance. @william has done some tremendous work on it, and due to his expertise working on such documentation, has included some new details (data policy etcā€¦ that may want to be incorporated on the global version). Here is a link to the draft based on the UK&Aus versions.

feed back welcome :slight_smile:
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accompanying document:

hi people - is there a ā€˜globalā€™ Terms of Service anywhere? Or we basically have versions developed in different countries and assume would need to continue that process of each country adapting their own?

I would imagine that a global version would be the best option long term, but also understand if we need to take into account regional context issues.
Either way, the work that @WillRedekop did is really outstanding, and should probably be used as a base for an updated one.

@Kirsten @CynthiaReynolds A global terms of service doesnā€™t make sense to me, as this is totally ā€œlocal legislation dependentā€.We have a French lawyer reviewing ours at the moment, we did start with basically mainly translating the international one but there are stuff we need to adapt to local legislations.
Especially in those ā€œterms of serviceā€ should be included ā€œselling general conditionsā€ (donā€™t know if there is an equivalent, in France we differentiate ā€œUsage general conditionsā€ and ā€œselling general conditionsā€. As a commercial entity (Saas service) we need to make our customers consent to our ā€œselling general conditionsā€ when they buy our service. But the tricky part is that our hubs, as commercial entities, need to have their customers consent to their ā€œselling general conditionsā€.
Thatā€™s what we are reviewing with that lawyer to see how other marketplaces do (like Amazon) and see if that makes more sense to include some generic ā€œselling general conditionsā€ in the OFfrance terms of service (if thatā€™s possible) so hubs donā€™t have to write their own, or if we adopt a logic where hubs need to link in their enterprise menu the url of their own ā€œselling general conditionsā€ and we will need to add some checkbox at checkout time.
Will share that anyway when I have a feedback from our lawyer.

For us here in Can - the draft ones that @WillRedekop did are great - if you folks in Aus tweak those - we could use them here. We donā€™t have parallel legislation to what @MyriamBoure is describing - basically - anything in the market rules here - so we donā€™t like rules around how to sell things or use information/data to sell things :smirk:

Could we not put together a global version based on @WillRedekopā€™s work, and have link for a new doc covering regional specific needs for any given instanceā€¦ noting that regional takes precedence should there be a conflict between the two? If we are looking at a global instance in the long run, wonā€™t this potentially be needed regardless?