Improvements to automated testing

Hi all,

I’ve been thinking a little about automated testing and if it could be improved a bit.

It would be great to capture an overview of how OFN is tested and what automation and continuous integration there is on a wiki page. I started to capture a link to Jenkins. Also are the ideas on Continuous Integration · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork Wiki · GitHub all related to Jenkins?

I’m not sure how to get test failure email notifications from Jenkins.

How come Jenkins is used rather than Travis? As Travis is pretty easy to work with, and also a boon for just enabling a forked project, could we try to get it passing for OFN?

Would like to get test coverage for ofn_deployment. Am working on this using Travis.

There are definite potential problems when localising to a different place than Aus. I noticed a few controller tests are hardcoded to check for strings that arent available or have a different spelling with en-GB, hence fail. Do you think its desirable to be able to pass the full test suite under a different locale?

Also would like to understand better what Jenkins does in terms of deploying to staging. Is it automatic based on tests passing?

And thinking further ahead, it would be neat to discuss what might be developed for other installs to have 1 push deploy to staging/production. Not sure what that means w.r.t. Jenkins, ansible, etc.



[posting this here so that responses can get turned into scope of work]

have made this into a wiki page so that you can turn it into planned response / working doc … @RohanM @lin_d_hop @pmackay

if you think github is best place to capture this more techie stuff - then perhaps just turn this page into summary and links to appropriate spots on wiki - and we can pin it to top of ‘Development’ Category

@RohanM is doing a bunch of work transferring our set-up to ‘build-kite’ which will change what’s going on quite a bit. is in this sprint

I think this page has been quite significantly superceded by work done over the last couple of months. If you agree @maikel @RohanM @pmackay could you please just put any relevant links to documentation in a comment and move to development/done (and close the issue). Thanks!

I updated

@maikel added one extra link on your page to