Improve UX of Products page when updating price and stock level

I have heard the feedback multiple times that it’s not obvious on the Products page how to access the price and on hand fields. At the moment, if you want to view these fields you need to either click on an arrow to the left, or click ‘expand all’. This is not obvious to first time/irregular users and they get lost. Sometimes users navigate to the Inventory page. Here they clearly see the price and on hand fields and update them. This causes issues later because they have half the prices set in inventory and half in products. They’re also using Inventory unnecessarily, not understanding how it works.

I request that we make it more clear where to update price and on hand figures.

This is a good observation - i was stuck on this myself for a while, and it is not intuitive for new users.

Just +1 ing this. Does anyone have suggestions on what could be done to improve it? @Rachel?

Could we do a tooltip or something? or default to open but then the page is really long

What about putting little down arrows in the price and on demand boxes so that if a user clicks on them the variant display opens?

I like the arrows in the price, demand, and even the display as boxes - because these are the boxes that appear to have no info, until you figure out how to open up the whole variant display. I’ve had people tell me they aren’t able to put data into those fields - so not realizing they have to open up the whole display. So arrows there would work if its easy to do.

I agree that this is not easy at all. Before giving an opinion I would like to know a bit more what actions people are doing most of the time. For example, if changing variant info is on top, I would open everything by default (with keeping the option to hide everything at once). The long page is not a problem if we introduce a pagination.

So do we know the top 3 key actions that our users do on this page?

Speaking for 2 hub users I’m currently helping - on this page they primarily: change ‘on hand’ and price for variants. so - for them, having variants open by default would be useful.

I would agree with Theresa, our users are most commonly updating the price and on hand values.

This is going to be solved with Backoffice Product List table UI uplift, currently in inception.
Discourse: Backoffice Product List table user interface uplift