I need help on configuring OFN without external data collection

As I installed OFN, which is an amazing experience, thank you a lot for this great project, and all the effort you put on it! :slight_smile:

but, just after deploying for the first time… I realized that there are external requests to google and to stripe.com … Is there a way to configure OFN in such a way that this external requests are not made? Can this be configured in the backend, or needs code development?


Possible solutions:
Use Open street maps instead of google maps.
Use open source fonts instead of google tracking webfonts such as: roboto.
and the stripe.com i have to reseearch further.
also you can check all the evil/threat that google represents to our society:
FLOSS free from google is important.
And to respect the motto of your footer:

Also created an issue on github, for requesting that this is not the default behavior on OFN. Deploy OFN free from external data collection such as google. · Issue #5078 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub
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