Hubs can understand how their customers use OFN to adapt accordingly

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What is the need / problem

Mary/Shannon needs to have some data about the products their customers bought more, about the number of customers who went on the shop and didn’t start to buy, those who started to buy but didn’t go till checkout, about those who bought, where they were coming from, etc. So that they can adapt the way they present the products, or the way they communicate to their customers. So they need data to take appropriate actions.

Who does it impact


What is the current impact of this problem

Today hubs have very few indicators/data from OFN to help them in improving/developing their activity.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Give tools for the hubs to develop better their activity.

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Potential solutions that will solve this problem

Not brainstomred yet.
First idea: Enable to connect some analytics tool at the level of a hub?


This is not precise enough and super big, we need to curate and clarify before we can vote and prioritize