Hubs and producers can see evolution of sales over time

What is the need / problem

Sellers need to be able to get access to some performance indicator to help them pilote their activity, readjust marketing strategies, etc.
Today there is no simple way to get business analytics in OFN… the only way is through reports, but they need to make many different extractions and build themselves some spreadsheet and follow indiciators they will have to manually calculate and report regularly.
This isn’t even simple, some hub reported us they extracted sales for a producer who was saying their sales were dropping, but in the report this is no notion of dates, only OC names, so she had to manually add OC dates in the extracted spreadsheet to build so diagram for the producer…

Who does it impact

All food entreprises

What is the current impact of this problem

hubs and entreprises don’t have data to help them run better their business

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Help food entreprises be more efficient, viable, performant, by following their sales and evolution of their sales over time, as they need those indicators to pilote their activity.

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Potential solutions that will solve this problem

  • Build a new dashboard with KPI and evolution over time, like diagrams, best sales products, best customers, etc.
  • Build a report with KPI?

@danielle @Kirsten @tschumilas @lin_d_hop I’m wondering how important you feel this is… when relating to our new elevator pitch and how we want to support food enterprises it seems pretty important to me. Will try to move forward in term of understanding the need and strating to draw some potential solution, before we have any space to prioritize it…

for me, it seems more important that an enterprise can have things like good packing sheets, and get out the reports they need first. I think it is also tied to the financial software the enterprise uses and how OFN interfaces (or not) with that. Because if they are using financial mgmt software, that is how they are tracking performance I think. Second, I think tracking performance makes the most sense when OFN has some better ways of helping enterprises boost performance. If their performance is poor for example, what can we offer them exactly? We are just starting to pilot something here, for example, where we (OFN-CAN) will build and manage a customer list, and do weekly product promotions for enterprises (for a fee). I find that the first question I have gotten after an enterprise is set up, is “How do I get more customers?” - and we don’t help with that. I think I’d only want to help them see evolution of sales over time if we were actually doing concrete things in our platform to help them boost sales. otherwise, we risk revealing a problem we aren’t helping to solve.

This is something that UK is offering through Google Drive with Zapier.

I don’t think this should be something we do internally to OFN but something that we use an external service to do.

I think this is very important and will form part of our services for paying users.

@lin_d_hop can you share this somehow? I have so many users asking for this! And any other platform provide those kind of dashboard… if we could provide them with a solution, even if not within OFN, that would be good!
@tschumilasI get your point, today we don’t promise them to help them get more customer, we provide them a tool to organize their online sales, but they do themselves their marketing. Of course we want to go further! So as in an accounting sofwtare they have a dashboard of their current status of accounting, in OFN they should have a balance of their current status of their sales. I had at least half of our users saying they are fighting with reports to try to build their own reporting so there is a clear need expressed by users, which seems important to them. But there are multiple feature candidates, and maybe Lynne workaround is one with low cost and high value, would love to see how it looks like if I can access it or if you have screenshares!

The task would be:

  1. Choose what metrics the hubs wants to monitor. Revenue. Number of sales. Page hits. Registrations etc.
  2. Let Zapier talk to your DB (talk to Matt. 1hr job)
  3. Set up queries that pull the data you need, once a week, to a Google Sheet that your users can access.

I think you should charge users for this service. Would take you 1 hr to set up each future one once the first is done, unless they want different metrics. I have connected you on Slack to the sheet that we use that monitors for OFN UK overall. Now almost totally automated.