Hub logistics - integrated route planning tool

Open source software that can enable hubs to optimize their logistics would be a interesting feature to integrate into the platform. We can use them as stand alone to include in a hub ‘toolkit’ in the meantime.

I can use it to manage my producer pick ups, as well as route my deliveries and packing list. One of the big obstacles that local food systems run into is the streamlining of the ‘final mile’

Integration options:
Local hub accepts pick up or delivery (likely with a fee for delivery)
Create a report based on orders for delivery that will export addresses to optimize the delivery route. Some of these systems allow you to select multiple vehicles, such that as you expand your market, the system will still be able to support you.
Packing lists for deliveries can then be produced per vehicle and include any pertinent customer input delivery notes (leave at door etc…), and that will enable you to pack the vehicles on a FILO (First In Last Out) basis.

Hub producers: optimize pick up from producers to hubs



list to evaluate: on github

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@sigmundpetersen interested in evaluating any of these?
I made it a wiki, so feel free to include any thoughts on potential use and integrations :wink:

Hi Cynthia,

Very valid feature indeed.
I was also trying to think through another topic we have under discussion and which is linked, is of comparision between Google maps vs Openstreetmaps (
As the base of the optimization feature you are discussing is based on the underlying map data, and hence it becomes important to take a call on too, to build on it.

Mapbox the community I know an out of the box feature called Directions API , which you would want to look and see it addresses at what we are discussing here.
The tech. involved also are Javascript Libraries , so @maikel can have a look and see how easy it is to accomodate.

Also I was checking on the list of Opensource options you mentioned like Opendoorlogistics, Graphopper etc, and most of them seem to be working out of the box with OpenStreetMaps, and have been built on it.

Hope I didn’t hijack the topic, but I kind of felt both the discussions were connected :slight_smile:


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I think this is a great feature idea. For sure the ‘final food mile’ is one of the biggest challenges that small scale farmers and food hubs face. In practice, many eaters share pick-up functions kind of naturally (I’m going to get… from… can I pick your’s up too?..) but a logicstics solution like the ones you shared would make this so much easier. By the way - there is a not-for-profit foundation here in Ontario - The Greenbelt Fund - they have completed a feasibilty study on developing a platform that farmers can use to ‘ship’ orders. Basically they have identified that 40% of cold trucks already carrying food have 40% empty capacity at any given time. So, they are working to identify this capacity, and build a tool where a farmer can identify the unused capacity that works for them, and then arrange with the truck owner for shipping.(They have significant resources to deploy to this.) I’ve been talking with them about this because they are interested in following OFN-Canada as we roll out. Imagine if we could ‘uberfy’ local food.

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